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Top Stories for August 8:

New photos confirm Trump flushed records down the toilet

Everybody oops.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the bill to stop Republicans from trying to overturn ANOTHER presidential election!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Top Republican instantly called out for lying during interview

Sen. Rick Scott peddled a half-baked, disingenuous lie about phantom cuts to Medicare in the Inflation Reduction Act and was immediately called out by Face the Nation’s Margaret Brennan.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

Pete Buttigieg SHREDS Republicans in must-see takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect.

Democrats’ transformational package to fight climate change and lower healthcare costs clears the Senate, with VP Harris casting tie-breaking vote
After a marathon, 27-hour weekend session of debate and repeated Republican efforts to derail it, Democrats united in the Senate to approve the sweeping $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act by a 51-50 party line vote. Elections matter, folks!

Take Action: Tell the Senate to pass the Respect for Marriage Act!

GOP senators kill $35 cap on insulin
Senate Republicans successfully killed a proposed $35 per month cap on out-of-pocket spending on insulin for patients enrolled in private insurance, thumbing their noses yet again at the millions of diabetic Americans struggling with the skyrocketing costs of managing their life-threatening disease.

Take Action: Tell Biden to take executive action to get dark money out of politics!

President Biden to join Gov. Andy Beshear to survey catastrophic flood damage in Kentucky

At least 37 people have died since last month’s deluge, which dropped 8 to 10 1/2 inches of rain in only 48 hours. Flooding in the region remains a threat through at least Thursday, the National Weather Service warned.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “No one can convince me” Jan. 6 insurrectionists weren’t Antifa
Greene repeated her astoundingly stupid and fact-free claim — that anti-fascist leftists impersonated Trump supporters and instigated the deadly insurrection — while speaking with fellow nonsense peddler and noted pillow huckster, Mike Lindell.

President Obama’s US Treasurer has an answer to the crypto speculation fad

Unicoin: If you’re perplexed by the billions made and lost on crypto coins with no inherent value, you’re not alone. Former Obama official, Rosie Rios has helped launch Unicoin, which uses crypto technology to create coins tied to real companies with real value — and she’s giving them away free. OD Action subscribers can claim 100 free coins — no speculation, no strings attached — to get some crypto without the risk.

Trump’s hand-picked candidate for attorney general in Michigan involved in illegal voting-system breach
Republican Matthew DePerno led a team that gained unauthorized, illegal access to voting equipment while hunting for evidence to support Donald Trump’s bogus election-fraud claims.

Leading Republican candidate for Minnesota secretary of state questioned disabled people’s right to vote
Kim Crockett, a Big Lie-proponent with a history of racist and bigoted dalliances, questioned in 2020 whether people who are disabled should be able get assistance to vote.

MAGA clothing brand busted over fake “Made in USA” tags
This week on What’s Trumpier than Trump?: Lions Not Sheep, known for its inflammatory, MAGA-fueled product line, was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to stop using phony “Made in USA” tags on its products and “come clean about foreign production.”

Disgraced founder of Papa Johns says company is making worse pizzas without his “conservative values” of “truth and God”
Noted racist John Schnatter, who claims to have eaten EIGHT HUNDRED Papa Johns pizzas over an 18-month stretch to sample the chain’s offerings in the wake of his resignation, also called liberals “stupid” and suggested “evil forces” were controlling the world. Got it.


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Today’s Action: Get out the vote in the primaries!

There are four primaries taking place TOMORROW: Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We all know the biggest enemies of progress in America are Republicans, but it’s also been painfully clear that just a few bad Democrats can muck a LOT of things up for all of us. This is our chance to do something about it — to not just elect any Democrats, but to reshape the party with real progressives to advance our legislative priorities!

If you live in one of the four states voting tomorrow and don’t yet have a plan to vote, make yours now. If you have friends there, call and cajole them to the polls! Find out when your own state’s primaries will be held, and identify your current polling place here. It is absolutely critical to show up this year — and every year — to build a truly progressive future.

Every. Vote. Matters. Check your voter registration status and polling place to ensure you’re prepared for upcoming primaries and the midterms — and tell your network of like-minded friends and family to do the same on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at the park, in the bleachers, in the pews, at the dinner table, and anywhere else you can!

No matter how unpopular Trump and the GOP seem to be, Americans are still dealing with extreme income inequality, incessant voter suppression schemes, worsening climate change, relentless attacks on reproductive healthcare, and the demonization of marginalized communities, because corrupt Republicans are regularly joined by a few bad-faith Democrats hellbent on protecting the status quo. Fortunately, we have some amazing progressives running for office this year — but they can’t win if we don’t show up!

If you’ve already voted or don’t have a primary coming up, civic engagement is still as important as ever. There are tons of online get-out-the-vote events happening that need your participation, like virtual letter writing with DoTheMostGood and Swing Left/Vote Forward tonight at 7PM EDT! You can filter through events here. No matter what you choose, your involvement can and will make a difference in this fight.

Every meaningful electoral victory shares a common thread: progressives turning out in full force on Election Day.

Check your voter registration status at and make sure you’re ready to do your part in upcoming primaries and the midterms to win Congress and more. Then share away on social media!


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