Democrats unveil Trump’s articles of impeachment

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Demand Rep. Jim Jordan resign after witnesses say he covered up serial sexual abuse on Ohio St. campus.


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BREAKING: House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment against Donald Trump (WATCH)

The charges against the president are gravely serious, and the evidence is clear.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox host says Trump’s crimes WORSE than Clinton’s to Kenn Starr’s face

Fox News’ Chris Wallace says that Trump’s crimes are worse than Clinton’s crime to Kenn Starr’s face.

Take Action: Hold Donald Trump Jr. accountable for outing the alleged whistleblower and jeopardizing his safety!

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Check out this week’s episode: New corruption revelations bode worse for Republicans than impeachment

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Matt Gaetz freaks out during impeachment hearing over vote to take a break
The president’s loudest defender made a complete ass of himself over the most innocuous of votes.

Take Action: Prosecute Rep. Gaetz and his GOP cronies for jeopardizing national security for a childish stunt

Internal Justice watchdog demolishes Trump-Republican conspiracy theories about that Russia probe in new report
Attorney General William Barr and a prosecutor he tapped to lead a separate review of the Russia probe immediately criticized the DOJ inspector general’s findings.

Houston police chief slams McConnell and Texas senators on gun violence
“I don’t want to see their little smug faces about how much they care about law enforcement when I’m burying a sergeant because they don’t want to p–s off the NRA. Make up your minds, whose side are you on?”

Take Action: Tell Republicans in Congress to stop repeating Putin’s dangerous propaganda to defend Trump!

Trump-loving Republican House candidate charged with felony stalking his ex
The prominent MAGA celebrity’s creepy and threatening behavior landed him in serious hot water.

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New report reveals past relationship between Ivanka Trump and Russia “pee tape” dossier author Christopher Steele
One of the president’s favorite excuses crumbled into dirt with these astonishing revelations.

James Comey takes a victory lap aimed at Trump after IG report clears his FBI
The former FBI director took pleasure in refuting the president’s vicious lies about the bureau’s investigation of his campaign’s Russia ties.

Republican Congressman demands witness testimony that makes Trump look guilty be discounted
The latest round of impeachment hearings predictably kicked off with a ridiculous stunt in defense of the president.


Today’s Action: Prepare for impeachment in two ways!

The House is releasing articles of impeachment TODAY, formalizing allegations that Trump abused his office for personal and political gain. A series of Intelligence and Judiciary Committee hearings summed up the damning evidence (frankly, unneeded, since Trump himself has admitted to everything), both of Trump’s original offenses of extorting foreign officials to influence the 2020 election and his obstruction of the ensuing investigation.

The vote is expected before Christmas, and we almost certainly will see an impeachment in the House. But that’s not the end of the road. Up next, the trial in the Senate.

We can expect to see Mitch McConnell and his GOP Senatorial cronie-crew run as swift and dishonest a trial as they can manage. But that doesn’t mean we can’t influence some of the more moderate Republican Senators to treat Trump’s deed as the crimes they are. And we do that by getting in touch with the voters those Senators listen to.

  • Indivisible has identified the 13 Republican Senators who are most likely to swing toward impeachment. It’s all hands on deck to ensure Trump’s trial happens fairly and openly by calling voters in those states and asking them to make this demand of their Senator. Sign up for a shift today!

Phone shift done? Or at least scheduled? Good – now it’s time to reach Republicans in the House and Senate another way. The vote for Trump’s impeachment hasn’t been scheduled yet, but it will be very soon, likely in the next two weeks. And on the eve of that vote, Democrats across the country are taking to the streets.

  • There are over 400 Nobody Is Above The Law events scheduled. Sign up for your local event – or start your own – to send a clear, media-covered message to Republicans that every vote to protect Trump is a vote against their own re-election.

Trump must be held accountable for his crimes. Now is the time to lean into this historic moment and do all we can to help our leaders do the right thing.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Rep. Jim Jordan resign after witnesses say he covered up serial sexual abuse on Ohio St. campus, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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