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Top Stories for August 13:

National Archives shoots down Trump claim that Obama took “30 million pages” of records but not until after he accidentally confessed

The disgraced ex-president laughably claimed that his predecessor also stole nuclear secrets, inadvertently acknowledging his own guilt with an easily disprovable lie.

Take Action: Tell Merrick Garland it’s time to indict Donald Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Gavin Newsom demolishes Ron DeSantis in most direct attack yet

The California Democrat has taken the gloves completely off and is hitting his bigoted fascist Florida counterpart right in his hypocritical gut.

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Is Donald Trump the Most Dangerous Opposition Our Nation Has Ever Faced?

OD Action Partner: The most dominant superpower could fall if we allow this man to go unchecked and unpunished.

House Democrats pass historic healthcare and climate bill
The Inflation Reduction Act, passed without a single GOP vote, includes monumental provisions that will expand health care, invest in clean and renewable energy, and combat the climate crisis.

Take Action: Demand Congress rebuff Trump’s SCOTUS and take climate change action NOW!

Idaho supreme court allow near-total abortion ban to take effect
The ban goes into effect on August 25th even as legal challenges against it are reviewed. A stay on a separate law that empowers relatives of a fetus to sue providers who perform abortions after six weeks was also lifted.

Florida bans gender-affirming care for transgender Medicaid recipients

The Republican saw an opportunity to persecute the poor and marginalized, and naturally, he could not resist.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Transgender Bill of Rights!

FBI monitored Trumper who attacked Ohio field office “for months”
Ricky Shiffer’s role in the January 6th insurrection and his affiliation with White nationalist groups like the Proud Boys had him on the FBI’s radar. He was shot and killed by local law enforcement Thursday outside Cincinnati.

Pete Buttigieg SHREDS Republicans in must-see takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect.

John Fetterman returns to campaign trail in nation’s most flippable Senate seat
After recovering from a mild stroke in mid-May, the wildly popular Democratic nominee spoke for 10 minutes to a packed crowd as he ramps up his campaign against New Jersey’s own Dr. Oz.

DOJ launches investigation into Southern Baptist Convention for sex abuse
News of the federal probe comes after the group released an internal report in May revealing that hundreds of SBC pastors and church leaders were embroiled in sexual assault allegations.

Judge rules criminal case against Trump Organization and CFO can proceed
The criminal prosecution against the former president’s company and its longtime CFO, Allen Weisselberg, will now head to trial after Judge Juan Merchan denied the Trump Org’s lawyers’ motion to dismiss 15 counts of fraud and tax evasion.

FBI investigating “unprecedented” number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search
Apparently blue lives only matter to Trumpers when they’re killing Black people.


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