Don’t welcome the Trump-loving Yuengling to Kentucky — Pledge to boycott the beer!

Boycott Yuengling in Kentucky

Because of some quirks in the law, Kentucky is often the last state to get access to certain beer brands. So when a new beer finally arrives, it’s understandably a big event.

This month, Pennsylvania’s Yuengling arrived in Kentucky for the first time. But Yuengling’s arrival is not to be celebrated.

The owners and executives of Yuengling are active supporters of Donald Trump and the fascist, bigoted, corrupt policies he espouses.

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, Dick Yuengling even posed for photo ops with Eric Trump at the company’s factory as they endorsed Trump’s candidacy.

Eric Trump and Yuengling

Enabling Trump’s reckless brand of supposed leadership should not be welcomed in Kentucky.
It should be boycotted.

Add your name, and pledge to boycott Yuengling. Let your friends and family — and even stores and bar owners — know that Yuengling actvely opposes your values and doesn’t deserve your money.

Spread the word (Facebook | Twitter | link to email). Kentucky has great local breweries that are not contributing to America’s destruction. We don’t need Yuengling!