Tell Congress to reject Trump’s call to delay the election

Trump, facing slipping polls and COVID surges in battleground states, has called for the November 3rd election to be delayed.


The President doesn’t have the power to change the date – that authority lives with Congress. But Congress is full of Trump cronies, and Trump historically hasn’t *cared* what the law says when taking action, so we need to nip this in the bud ASAP.

Add your name to tell Congress to reject any attempt to delay the November 3rd election. Do not let Trump win that final dictatorial trophy of an extended term.

Our election day has remained unchanged through wars, depressions, and countless other catastrophes. With our democracy seriously undermined by ongoing GOP voter suppression, plus extra barriers caused by Republicans’ refusal to provide extra funding for safe election measures during this pandemic, retaining our ability to vote Trump out (and flip the Senate) on November 3rd is vital.

This call for a delay is likely part of Trump’s greater strategy for undermining the results of the election if he loses. So even if this is an insincere misdirection, we still must fight every sordid attempt to discredit a Democratic victory.

Sign here to tell Congress that the November 3rd election must remain in place no matter what.


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