Remove the 126 Republicans who signed on to the anti-democratic Texas lawsuit

In the last big gasp for overturning the election results, 126 House Republicans, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, signed on to an amicus brief supporting a Texas lawsuit that sought to invalidate millions of votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

Like the lawsuits before it, this attempt provided zero evidence of widespread voter fraud. Which is why the Supreme Court, including those justices appointed by Trump, rejected the lawsuit unequivocally. 

The 14th Amendment states that anyone engaged in insurrection or rebellion cannot serve in federal office – and trying to undemocratically overthrow an election seems like pretty clear insurrection.

Add your name to demand Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi remove the 126 House Republicans who signed on to the Texas lawsuit to overturn election results.

Only 23 Republican Members of Congress have acknowledged Biden’s victory. Only 1 in 4 Republican voters say they trust the results of our election…a direct result of following their deceitful leaders, who have latched themselves to the sinking ship that is Trump.

This is a coup. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must put a stop to it.

Tell Nancy Pelosi these 126 House Republicans must not be allowed to serve in Congress for their unconstitutional act of treachery in signing on to the frivolous Texas lawsuit.


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