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Top Stories for May 11:

Susan Collins called the police to report ‘defacement of public property’ after someone wrote an abortion-rights message in chalk on a public sidewalk outside her house

The message even said “please,” but the hard-hearted Republican STILL called the cops.

Take Action: Tell Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski: Losing Roe is YOUR fault — do something about it!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz humiliated himself with an insane complaint about abortion protests

The Republican Senator had the nerve to defend the January 6th mob while slandering the peaceful protestors fighting for women’s rights.

Supreme Court’s bombshell Roe decision set to BACKFIRE

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

FDA says it is “doing everything in our power” to improve baby formula supply
On top of everything else, the US is grappling with a terrifying baby formula shortage as supply chain issues and product recalls leave shelves empty and babies hungry.

Take Action: Keep social media from poisoning our kids’ brains!

Republican Tom Reed resigns from Congress over sexual misconduct allegations
Reed was accused of inappropriately touching a female lobbyist in 2017. He acknowledged the incident in an apology in March of 2021 and said the incident occurred “at a time in my life in which I was struggling.”

Take Action: Arrest and prosecute Trump’s criminal allies now!

Elon Musk says he’ll reverse Donald Trump Twitter ban

Tesla’s headline addict claimed it was “moral wrong” for Twitter to ban the wannabe dictator who used their platform to incite a deadly insurrection to overthrow the US government.

Take Action: Tell Elon Musk not to let Trump back on Twitter!

Senate report finds Garcetti likely knew of aide’s sexual harassment and racist remarks
Accountability starts at the top — and it’s critical that we demand our leaders hold their own people accountable for their toxic actions.

WATCH how we can SAVE ROE

OD Action partner: No Dem Left Behind has the Senate lineup to codify Roe into law!

Yearbooks on hold over photos of students protesting law limiting LGBTQ classroom instruction
So much for “free speech.” School officials are stepping in to censor kids protesting Florida’s appalling “Don’t Say Gay” law.

GOP holds COVID-19 funding hostage in order to keep Trump’s racist “Title 42” immigration policy
COVID-19 hasn’t gone anywhere, but the money needed to fund testing and vaccinations has run out. The so-called “pro-life” party is holding that money hostage in order to inflict suffering on innocent immigrants.

El Salvadoran woman receives 30 years in prison after losing her unborn baby in medical emergency
This is the grim future we face here in America if Republicans get their way.

Pennsylvania GOP panics over possible Mastriano nomination
The ascension of hardcore insurrectionist and Big Lie proponent Doug Mastriano to the head of the GOP PA primary field spells big trouble for them in November.


More like Elon Bust, am I right folks

Crash of the tokens


Today’s Action: Tell Congress to expand and balance the Supreme Court!

With the recently leaked draft of the SCOTUS majority opinion set to gut Roe v. Wade, the fate of women’s reproductive rights in the United States is hanging by a fraying thread. Not so fun facts: five of the six conservative justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court were a) appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote when they first took office and b) confirmed by some of the slimmest Senate margins in US history. And that’s arguably not even the worst part.

In 2016, Republicans stonewalled then-President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for 293 days, refusing to hold hearings, and ultimately gifting the open seat to Trump in early 2017. Four years later, in the waning days of the 2020 election, Republicans jammed through a deeply unpopular Supreme Court justice in a historically short period of time. They succeeded by ignoring their own voters’ opinions, their own precedent, and their own committee rules — to the detriment of all other legislative needs, including pandemic relief. A court that should be a 5-4 left-leaning majority is now one completely unrepresentative of America.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they support the expansion of the Supreme Court!

Changing the number of justices has precedent, would allow for more accurate representation, and is more necessary than ever. It’s not just abortion rights at risk if Roe v. Wade is successfully overturned. Part of Justice Alito’s ridiculous argument against protecting the right to abortion is that the right to privacy is not explicitly stated in the Constitution. This myopic, originalist argument would clear the way for multiple other precedents to be unraveled — same-sex intimacy, same-sex marriage, access to contraceptive care, and more.

It doesn’t stop at the judicial level. Conservatives across the country, emboldened by a radically imbalanced court, are systematically disenfranchising millions of voters and criminalizing abortion seekers. Expanding the court means protecting the voices of marginalized communities across the country.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they restore balance and representation to the Supreme Court by expanding its numbers!


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