Demand Trump’s admin give Biden’s transition team the access required by law

General Services Administration administrator Emily Murphy holds the key – or rather, the piece of paper – that would allow President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team to begin the transfer of power.

By law, Biden needs a letter of ascertainment to access secure facilities for handling confidential information, begin background checks for cabinet nominations, for direct access to federal agencies and more. But Murphy has refused to sign it, so Biden cannot begin. This delay may even slow Biden’s COVID-19 strategy, leading to the avoidable deaths of thousands more Americans.

Murphy is playing dangerous games with our national security by aligning with Trump’s results-denial.

Sign here to demand Emily Murphy allow Biden’s team to launch the transfer of power.

The Presidential Transition Act has allowed our elections system to navigate smoothly since 1963, only delaying temporarily in 2000 when the election hinged on fewer than 500 votes in Florida. But Biden has won a clear electoral college victory, vastly outside a questionable margin.

Murphy is actively blocking a peaceful transition of power and, like her boss, aggressively undermining the integrity of our election process. 

Add your name to demand GSA administrator Emily Murphy follows the law and does her job to allow a peaceful transfer of power.


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