End 2017 by sticking it to Trump and his coal buddies

Arcadia Power

Today, we’re sharing some of the year’s most popular and important environmental stories (below), because none of us will be spared the devastation if we don’t take bold, decisive action to address our planet’s climate crisis — and fast.

While stopping the recklessness of the Trump regime and Congressional Republicans will take a long, concerted effort, there is something easy that we can all do to make a big impact starting today.

OD Action is proud to partner with America’s first nationwide clean energy company, Arcadia Power. The mission-driven company allows anyone in America to power their home with clean energy — whether you rent or own.

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So if you haven’t already, please take a moment to end this ridiculous year on a high note: stick it to Trump and advance America’s clean energy future by signing up for renewable power at home. Your children will thank you. And so will we.

In solidarity,
The OD Action team

Climate and Environment Stories of 2017

Obama on Climate


Trump Says ‘Clean Coal’ Literally Means ‘Taking Out Coal’ And ‘Cleaning It’
Our ignorant President is wrecking our environment and doesn’t even have a clue.

Scott Pruitt’s EPA Takes An Unprecedented Step At Muzzling Its Scientists
This is his most egregious move yet in denying climate change.

Take Action: Tell the Senate not to let a coal lobbyist control the EPA.

Trump’s Attorney General Is In Hot Water As He Goes To Bat For His Donors In Toxic Waste Scandal
Jeff Sessions has found himself in serious ethical trouble as he is forced to choose between his donors and justice.

The Keystone XL Pipeline Has A Major Oil Spill
The pipeline critics’ worst fears about President Trump’s controversial decision came true.

Take Action: Add your name to resist Trump’s dangerous off-short drilling agenda.

300 Top American Scientists Pen A Letter Opposing Trump’s Chief Science Adviser Pick
Trump promised to pick only “the best people,” but this letter speaks volumes.

The New Miss America Rips Trump For Pulling Out Of The Paris Climate Deal
With the eyes of the world watching, the president got completely embarrassed.

Trump’s EPA Get Caught Letting Polluters Get Away Scott Free
The agency has abandoned its enforcement actions, and former EPA officials are furious.

Take Action: Tell the Senate: The Environment isn’t Partisan – Defend Public Health and the EPA

Five Native American Tribes Band Together To Declare War On Trump
The shameful move by Trump was the final straw. Now, it’s war.

The Details Of Trump’s Puerto Rico Contract To Whitefish Energy Leak, And Are Worse Than Feared
The corruption stinks to high heaven, and now even the White House is trying to distance itself from this mess.

Take Action: Remind Congress that Puerto Ricans are American citizens and demand they get them the relief they need NOW!

Rick Perry Says Burning Fossil Fuels Will Stop Sexual Assaul
Rick Perry’s defense of fossil fuels is as offensive as it is stupid.