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denounce right-wing gerrymandering

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Winning the most votes is supposed to mean you won, even if it was close. That’s what a democracy is.

In Virginia a few weeks ago, the election was not close: Virginia House Democrats won by more than 220,000 votes, a 10-point landslide – but because of right-wing gerrymandering, Republicans could still keep control of the chamber.

Two months later, we’re still waiting on recounts and court challenges to see if a couple of close races in GOP-held seats could flip the House blue and break the GOP stranglehold. But we don’t need a recount to see that gerrymandering robbed Virginia voters of the clear Democratic majority they demanded.

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Results like these show why it’s absolutely crucial that Democrats keep winning back ground in the states. Where Democrats win the majority, we can draw fair districts and ensure that every vote and every voice counts equally.

Next year’s midterm elections – and dozens of special elections before then – will be critical in the fight against illegal partisan and racial gerrymandering, and we need to know you’re on board.

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