Demand Trump allow transgender Americans to serve openly in our military

President Trump is bound and determined to keep America’s transgender service members out of the military for no reason but bigotry and and without regard to the harm he is causing innocent heroes or national security. He must be stopped.

Trump’s original transgender troop ban was blocked by a federal court in mid-2017 over questions of constitutionality, but Trump has plowed ahead anyway spouting ignorant and derogatory lies about transgender troops’ effect on our armed forces.

The truth is thousands of transgender Americans have served courageously and with distinction, and any medical costs have been deemed negligible. Even the American Medical Association has said there is “no medically valid reason” to exclude transgender troops.

Not only that. Forcing out brave service members weakens America’s defenses and makes us less safe as a result.

Trump’s ban is discriminatory, unconstitutional, dangerous, and immoral.

This kind of divisive, hateful policy may energize the Republican base, but it is bad for America and detrimental to innocent people.

Add your name to fight back. Tell the Trump/Pence administration to allow transgender service members to continue to serve with valor and in the open!


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