Ex-FBI Deputy Director calls for Trump impeachment

Stop Trump and Barr from executing federal prisoners!


Today’s Action: Study the root causes of Central American migration

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Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe calls for Trump’s impeachment

The highly respected investigator decided to go public with his unprecedented demand on national television.

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Barr directs DOJ to execute prisoners for the first time in nearly 20 years
After botched executions, the deaths of innocents, and racist application, the president Obama ended the draconian practice.

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People in all 50 states are outsmarting the dirty energy industry with this online service

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Schiff humiliates Meghan McCain over Mueller on national TV

Adam Schiff gives the perfect response when McCain questions him about the Mueller hearing.

Take Action: Repeal the rule against indicting the president — the only reason Trump isn’t charged with a crime!

Trump appoints a woman with a history of deranged anti-Obama blog posts to U.S. Treasury
Shortly after the news of her appointment, her skeletons came tumbling out of the closet.

McConnell blocks two election security bills after Mueller warns of Russian interference
The self-seriving Republican claims election security is a partisan move that would benefit Democrats.

Take Action: Demand Congress take urgent action after Trump invited foreign collusion in 2020 Election!

The Republican-led Senate Intel committee confirms the key takeaway from Mueller’s testimony

The day after the Special Counsel’s hearing, the Republicans’ own findings blew a hole in Trump’s denials.

Take Action: Make Donald Trump Jr. to testify before the Senate about his secret meeting with Russian operatives!

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Pro-Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft
Danielle Stella, reported to support baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, held twice this year over alleged shoplifting.

The Trump youth organization discovers they projected a doctored, mocking presidential seal behind him at speech
Turning Point USA, one of the president’s most loyal groups, is scrambling to explain why they publicly insulted him so badly.

CNN to host climate crisis town hall with 2020 Democratic candidates after activist demand it
The greatest threat to the planet will be discussed publicly by the only presidential contenders willing to do anything about it.

Take Action: Another success!

Today’s Action: Study the root causes of Central American migration

With the ongoing partisan war over our concentration camp program, aka Southern border policies, there’s one thing that both sides of the aisle should want: to understand what’s really causing migrant movement from the “Northern Triangle” (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) to the United States, and to provide assistance at the source.

A bipartisan bill has passed the House and moves to the Senate to give $577 million in financial assistance to Central American countries in 2020, with actions to promote economic growth and combat corruption. And hand-in-hand, these actions will be tracked against any adjustments in migration patterns to determine the effectiveness of the programs.

Call or email your Senators and ask them to pass the United States-Northern Triangle Advanced Engagement Act, supporting Central American countries with financial assistance while studying and addressing the root causes of migration to the U.S.

The $577 million in aid would be irrevocable, and locked in place to keep Trump from reallocating as he pleases. And it would require our Secretary of State and USAID administrators to prioritize research on our aid’s effectiveness in combating human trafficking and gender-based violence, and support Central American governments in strengthening free and fair elections and independent media.

Mind you, Republicans have a variety of motivations to pass this, but we’re all for providing assistance to Central America even as we continue to fight to make our country more inclusive for all. This bill is a decent first step at reducing the need for migration – but we must support these efforts hand-in-hand with our battle to end the human rights crisis at our border that Trump caused all on his own.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and ask for their support of the United States-Northern Triangle Advanced Engagement Act, providing financial and programmatic assistance to Central American countries to address the root causes of migration.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop Trump and Barr from executing federal prisoners, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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