Armed Trumper confesses to trying to kill Pelosi

Tell cartoon creators to follow Big Bird’s lead and not cave to Trumpers: Get characters vaccinated on TV!


Biden to nominate Jerome Powell for 2nd term as Federal Reserve chairman

Top Stories for November 23:

Indiana man arrested for bringing shotgun revolver to Capitol MAGA riot, told investigators it was for Pelosi

An Indiana man charged with carrying a loaded firearm to the Capitol on Jan. 6 told investigators that if he had found Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “you’d be here for another reason.”

Take Action: Convict Steve Bannon of contempt!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News personality Pete Hegseth melts down when pressed on Fox’s OWN vaccine policy

Rather than acknowledge the blatant hypocrisy of his own attacks on vaccine mandates, Hegseth took potshots at his interviewer and bragged about clicks and ratings.

Kevin McCarthy HUMILIATES himself with ultimate fail

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: What an embarrassment.

Michael Cohen calls Steve Bannon a “racist” and “maniac” who thinks Trump is an “idiot”
Trump’s former fixer, who completed his prison sentence this week, vowed continued cooperation with authorities and predicted charges for the ex-president’s three oldest children.

Take Action: Tell President Biden and Congress to cancel student debt!

Jan. 6th committee issues subpoenas to Alex Jones and Roger Stone
The conspiracy theorist and dirty trickster were two of five Trump figures hit with the latest batch of legal writs.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Protecting our Democracy Act to prevent future Trumpian abuse in the White House!

Judge orders pro-Trump attorneys who brought frivolous election fraud case to pay more than $180,000 to defendants they sued
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Trump-endorsed Senate candidate suspends campaign after losing custody of kids due to abuse allegations

He sure knows how to pick them.

Take Action: End offshore drilling NOW!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, and Lauren Boebert’s extremism costing them support from their voters

United Rural Democrats: New extremists in Congress are taking their districts for granted while delivering nothing for them. United Rural Democrats are organizing on the ground to shock Republicans by winning back Middle America. But they need your help!

Suspect with history of domestic and vehicular violence identified in deadly Waukesha SUV attack
Darrell Brooks Jr. was reportedly fleeing a crime scene when he plowed his vehicle into a Christmas parade, killing at least 5 people and injuring nearly 50.

Donald Trump Jr. shares obnoxious Rittenhouse meme, floats 2024 congressional Medal of Freedom
There is no bottom with this crew.

Seven from anti-vax doctors’ COVID conference fall sick within days
Fringe doctors gathered at an equine facility for the Florida COVID Summit earlier this month, touting ivermectin and regurgitating incendiary MAGA nonsense about vaccines. Days later, at least seven participants in the conference were sickened with COVID-19.

White House reveals 95% of federal workforce is in compliance with vaccine mandate
Say it aloud once more: Vaccine. Mandates. Work.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Tell your senators to pass the Build Back Better Act with all of the current progressive initiatives!

The fate of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act currently lies in the hands of two corporate Democrats and a bevy of obstructionist Republicans in the Senate. The BBB Act is the most consequential social investment package to near congressional approval in many administrations, with initiatives working America has been waiting on for decades. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has set a passage deadline by Christmas, but that means a full month of negotiations that could easily strip away critical provisions.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have already cut crucial priorities from the final piece of legislation; we simply cannot let our legislators negotiate away any more wins for working families. We need all hands on deck demanding our senators pass this transformational package now.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and demand they fight to keep all of the current progressive initiatives in the Build Back Better Act!

The only things standing in the way of real, meaningful change for working families across the country are greedy corporate politicians that would rather cash in with big oil and big pharma than keep their promises.

The benefits of the Build Back Better Act simply cannot be overstated — historic investments in childcare, paid family and medical leave, expanded Medicare and Medicaid, and universal pre-k education, as well as a poverty-busting permanent child tax credit are all on the line. Furthermore, it could transform the United States into a global force for cleaner energy and real emissions reduction. With a cost largely footed by the wealthiest households and corporate America, there’s zero reason to withhold its passage or change its contents.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and remind them America’s future depends on their commitment to the passage of the Build Back Better Act!

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