Demand moderators fact-check Trump’s debate lies in real time

The presidential candidate debates between Trump and Biden are upon us. And we know exactly what to expect: floods of complete lies from Trump.

Trump will treat these debates like one of his rallies or press conferences – because at least for the first debate, moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News stated in advance his intention to not fact-check the president.

Sign here to demand debate moderators immediately fact-check Trump’s debate lies.

Trump has gotten to where he is because he is repeatedly allowed to get away with his lies. By the right-wing media, by his own party, by Twitter and Facebook, by refusing to take or answer questions at press conferences. 

With millions of Americans tuning in to these debates, this close to the election, with everything on the line, and over 200,000 dead Americans it is grossly irresponsible for any moderator to NOT fact-check.

The American people deserve the truth…and they won’t get it from Trump.

Add your name to demand that ALL debate moderators correct Trump’s lies on the spot, while the American people are watching.


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