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Top Stories for August 10:

Trump to testify in New York attorney general investigation

The disgraced ex-president will finally go under oath and face questioning for the years of outrageous financial misconduct his company has wantonly committed.

Take Action: Tell Congress to expel the Republicans who plotted with Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Democrats score massive win in unexpected development

The midterms are just on the horizon — and President Biden just can’t seem to stop winning!

Take Action: Tell the Senate to legalize marijuana and pass the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act!

Pete Buttigieg SHREDS Republicans in must-see takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect.

Doug Mastriano walks out of January 6th interview without answering a single question
The only question the PA gubernatorial candidate answered to today was the one of his guilt — which he made clear when he abruptly cut off the interview after just 15 minutes.

Take Action: Tell Biden to take executive action to get dark money out of politics!

Facebook hands messaging data over to police, who use it to prosecute teenager and her mother for getting an abortion
Fears about Big Tech’s willingness to help red states impose their draconian anti-abortion regimes were proved terrifyingly real when Meta helped local police build their case against a teenager who aborted an unwanted fetus. They also charged her mother, who helped her dispose of the tissue.

Take Action: Tell the Biden admin to open abortion clinics on federal land!

Republicans vow retaliation against the Justice Department for raiding Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s subservient bootlickers in the GOP have been tearing their hair out in rage for 48 hours straight, vowing to abuse Congressional power to investigate Attorney General Garland and calling for the FBI to be defunded. It just goes to show that the only underlying philosophy of Republican fascism is “we should be immune from any and all consequences for anything, ever.”

Riot police storm city hall as LA votes on controversial homelessness rule

Protestors furious at the LA City Council’s latest move to criminalize homelessness — which passed — were faced with a phalanx of riot cops in a deeply disturbing reminder that the push for more police is not to protect our communities but to protect the material interests of the wealthy.

We now have our candidate to take down detestable Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson — and he’s awesome

Mandela Barnes: He’s popular, progressive and leading in the polls. If Mandela Barnes can flip this purple state Senate seat Democrats could actually EXPAND our majority. But he can’t do it alone. Please chip in a few bucks to send Ron Johnson packing and put Mandela Barnes in the Senate!

FBI seizes Rep. Scott Perry’s cellphone the day after Mar-a-Lago raid
The feds have now seized evidence from the Pennsylvania Congressman at the heart of the plot to fire the Attorney General and replace him with someone who would overturn the 2020 election.

Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate opens campaign with disgusting gender-based attack
In a foreshadowing of the absurd, embarassing and despicable rhetoric we’re going to see as election season heats up, Tudor Dixon launched her campaign by celebrating herself as a “real woman” and accusing Governor Whitmer of calling herself a “birthing parent.” It’s an astonishingly lazy attempt to inject the right-wing’s anti-inclusion demonization narrative into the race.

Mississippi grand jury declines to indict woman in Emmett Till killing
Sounds about white.

Fetterman calls out Dr. Oz for accepting $50,000 tax break for farm purchase in Pennsylvania
The New Jersey millionaire snakeoil salesman bought a farm in Pennsylvania so he could cosplay as a blue-collar worker — and took advantage of tax breaks intended for real farmers.


For the union makes us strong!

Climate apocalypse now


Today’s Action: Make plans to take action during congressional recess!

We’ve reached the start of another congressional recess, and this time we have just one week before lawmakers return to tackle the myriad challenges and crises facing the nation. But just because there’s a break in the legislative action doesn’t mean there’s not a way to make our voices heard! 

Our Members of Congress could be holding town halls, taking meetings, and attending local events — which gives us plenty of opportunities to make our demands face to face. Make a commitment during this recess to get personal with at least one of your congressional reps, in whichever manner you feel most comfortable.

Ask for a one-on-one meeting. Contact your rep’s local office to make your meeting request, and follow up after a few days if you haven’t heard back! Arrive with your three biggest requests prepared, and ask for clear action on each (e.g., cosponsor a bill, make a public statement, join a caucus). Type up your requests in a letter to deliver to your rep at the end of the meeting, just in case they don’t take notes!

Attend a town hall. If your reps are offering a public forum, this is a great opportunity to make your demands with witnesses. Contact their office to ask if any town halls have been scheduled (and if not, why not?), and visit Town Hall Project to search for events near you.

Organize a protest visit. Is your rep refusing to hold a town hall and declining private meetings? No problem. Ask their offices if they’ll be attending ANY public events during recess, and join them there to ask your questions. Be sure to film it and broadcast it on social media! No events? Make the signal loud and clear: you cannot hide from your constituents. Gather your friends, family, and community to protest at their offices. 

And the topics? There are so many, but here are a few to get you started: 

  • Demand they abolish the filibuster so meaningful legislation can be passed
  • Call for them to champion strong, progressive climate action
  • Fight for crucial voting rights legislation to protect the most marginalized constituents’ right to vote
  • Raise the national minimum wage to $15/hour – cosponsor and pass the Raise the Wage Act
  • Secure equal rights protections with the Equal Rights Amendment for women and the Equality Act for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Pass the PRO Act in support of striking workers across the country

A congressional recess isn’t time off — it’s your opportunity to remind our leaders who elected them and what our communities’ needs are!


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