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Top Stories for August 12:

FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago for nuclear secrets and found classified documents, including some in a storage closet near Trump’s pool room

Investigators discovered classified documents in two areas: Trump’s personal office above a ballroom and in a storage room near the pool. Sources say there were “boxes everywhere,” with some containing top secret information.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News host calls out Republican to his face for lying on air

Rep. Steve Scalise was confronted about his party’s smear campaign against the FBI and fell flat on his face.

Pete Buttigieg SHREDS Republicans in must-see takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect.

Trump received subpoena months ago for missing documents
The disgraced ex-president received a subpoena this past spring for additional documents he reportedly took from the White House in early 2021. The National Archives already recovered 15 boxes of improperly removed material from his Mar-a-Lago compound in January.

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Ex-police officer gets 7-plus years in prison in Jan. 6 case
Former Rocky Mount Police Sgt. Thomas Robertson began stockpiling guns and continued advocating for further violence shortly after his arrest last year. He was just sentenced to more than seven years in prison, matching the longest prison sentence so far among hundreds of Capitol insurrection cases.

Suspected Trumper killed after attempting to breach FBI office in Cincinnati

The armed assailant, a suspected Jan. 6th insurrectionist, appears to have been triggered by the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago earlier this week. Violent, anti-government rhetoric has spiked on right-wing platforms since Monday’s search of Trump’s Florida compound, with some agitators warning of armed revolution.

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More registered voters approve of Mar-a-Lago raid than disapprove
Republicans are frantically insisting that the FBI’s execution of a federal search warrant on Trump’s property will help them in the midterms — but the numbers tell a very different story.

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Tim Ryan pulls Republicans’ biggest advantage away from them

OD Action partner: The Ohio Senate candidate is speaking to rural working families in a way few Democrats have been able to do — and they’re listening. United Rural Democrats helps spread his message in hard areas.

Fox News airs obviously fake photo of Mar-a-Lago search warrant judge and Ghislaine Maxwell in pathetic smear attempt
During a broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, fill-in host Brian Kilmeade showcased an obviously doctored image depicting the judge on an airplane receiving a foot massage from the convicted sex offender.

Trump says he won’t move to block DOJ’s motion to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant and property receipt today
The disgraced ex-president was given until 3pm this afternoon to respond to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s motion to unseal the warrant. Pass the popcorn!

Florida teacher quits after staff take down classroom posters of Black heroes
The anti-Black, anti-intellectual vision Ron DeSantis has forced upon Florida came into sharper focus in Escambia County when OJ Semmes Elementary School staff removed images of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriett Tubman, Colin Powell, and George Washington Carver from a classroom bulletin board for supposedly being “age inappropriate.”

Six Georgia police officers on leave over vile, racist Ring camera footage
Huh, more bad apples. How about that?


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Today’s Action: Take action to help Kentucky flood victims!

Unprecedented flooding has taken at least 39 lives in eastern Kentucky, with hundreds more still unaccounted for. By the end of this tragedy, thousands of Kentuckians will have been displaced, and their hometowns will never be the same. Gov. Andy Beshear warned that many survivors could “lose just about everything.”

For us here at OD Action, this destruction is personal. Kentucky is our home base. The Appalachian region is already disenfranchised, exploited, and neglected by abysmal Republican legislators and corporate predators. Our neighbors are without food, water, and shelter. Many of these people have no idea what their homes now look like. With future climate disasters surely on the way, the people of eastern Kentucky need our help to bounce back from this horrible tragedy as quickly as possible.

Make a donation to Gov. Beshear’s Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund or check out this verified Amazon wish list for flood survivors! Simply sharing donation links with your friends and family could make a huge impact.You can find even more ways to help here. Please pitch in however you can — it all makes a difference!


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