Fox admits first hearing was ‘good day’ for Dems

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Today’s Top Stories:

Fox News legal analyst admits the first hearing was “good day” for Democrats who want to shorten Trump’s presidency

The president is not going to like the verdict that his favorite network issued over the damning impeachment hearing on day 1.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Crowd erupts in laughter as Jim Jordan humiliates himself at impeachment hearing

Republicans moved the inflamatory Rep onto the committee for this hearing and may be regretting it right now.

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Bill Taylor dropped a bombshell in his impeachment hearing opening statement
The respected ambassador said a member of his staff gave an account of a previously unknown Trump phone call.

An ex-MAGA veteran to his fellow vets: your oath demands you support impeachment
A recovering Trump supporter has an important message that every American veteran needs to hear.

Federal appeals court rules Congress can subpoena Trump tax returns
The president must supply eight years of returns, but he has seven days to appeal.

Trump claims he’s “too busy” to watch impeachment hearings despite spending entire morning tweeting about it
The president tried to pretend that he wasn’t interested in the “hoax” being perpetrated by “television lawyers” but his Twitter feed showed otherwise.

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Trump holds uncomfortable lovefest for Turkish dictator in defiance of Congress
While Congress demanded Trump rescind the invitation, the president shamefully piled on the praise.

FOX and Friends: if Warren is elected billionaires might have to sell their islands
The president’s loudest cheerleaders proved how out-of-touch they are with a truly stunning attempt to slam the popular Democrat.

State Department official George Kent refutes key Trump talking point.
Investigating Biden isn’t fighting corruption.

Nixon WH Lawyer John Dean: First Day of Trump Hearings Yielded More Damning Testimony Than All of Watergate
“There’s a conspiracy, we know from what’s come out.”


Today’s Action: Push key Senators towards impeachment

The public, televised impeachment hearings launched yesterday. Now, we can all see up close testimony to Trump’s criminal attempt to extort Ukraine into influencing our presidential election. And even as he continues to obstruct justice by ordering his near-and-dears to defy subpoenas, the obstruction only adds to the Democratic case.

If the House votes to impeach Trump, he’ll be placed on trial in the Senate to determine whether his crimes are worthy of removing him from office. It is entirely possible for Trump to be impeached, but not removed from office, and then run for re-election (though it would be a first) – so it is vitally important that we guarantee a fair and open trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, where many of Trump’s most loyal vultures will be taking every opportunity to obstruct justice.

Indivisible has identified the 13 Republican Senators who are most likely to swing toward impeachment. It’s all hands on deck to ensure Trump’s trial happens fairly and openly by calling voters in those states and asking them to make this demand of their Senator. Sign up for a shift today!

Trump is facing multiple whistleblowers who have all accused him of a crime he himself has admitted to publicly: using the influence and powers of his office for private gain against a political rival. Impeachment is on the horizon.

But Mitch McConnell has been the GOP’s biggest roadblock since well before Trump. McConnell blocked, unconstitutionally, Obama’s replacement for Supreme Court by refusing to hold a vote. And he has gleefully blocked over 150 House bills from ever reaching the floor of the Senate, denying them the chance to face a vote, from desperately needed election security to bipartisan gun reform to the Violence Against Women Act.

McConnell needs to feel the pressure from every single Senator, Democrat and Republican, to allow a fair, just trial of Trump’s crimes. Because if he doesn’t, his track record already tells us what comes next.

Help Indivisible make 1.1 million calls to voters in key states, connecting them to the Republican Senators most likely to support a fair and open trial of Trump’s crimes. Sign up for a shift today.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to hold Donald Trump Jr. accountable for outing the alleged whistleblower and jeopardizing his safety, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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