Fox host wrecks Trump for attacks after shootings

Tell Republicans enough talk. Join Democrats to pass bipartisan red glag laws to prevent gun violence NOW!


Today’s Action: Meet the candidates part 1: Elizabeth Warren

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After pledging unity, Trump attacks Dayton mayor and Democratic critics in whiny tweet

After their meeting, they called out the Republican president, who responded in Trumpian fashion.

Take Action: Demand Trump take responsibility for his hateful rhetoric and stop inciting violent attacks!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox anchor wrecks Trump for political attacks after mass shootings

Shep Smith cannot pretend like any of this is ok.

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Twitter suspends Mitch McConnell’s campaign account
While McConnell’s team disagrees, Twitter determined that their video violated their Terms of Service.

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Iraqi man dies after Trump deports him
The inhumanity of this regime is having deadly consequences.

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AOC brilliantly trolls Trump after he included her in a bizarre poll on his website
The president singled out the rising Democratic star but she got the last laugh as usual.

BONUS VIDEO: Trump makes horrific new “both sides” excuse

The deaths of innocents has not changed the president’s disgraceful behavior a bit.

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Trump’s ICE raids arrest 680 undocumented immigrants across Mississippi
The raids are believed to be the biggest single-state, one-day ICE operation in U.S. history.

Trump made 56 false claims last week
CNN’s fact check reveals the truth… unlike the president.

Racial slurs, swastika painted near Ohio house that exploded; hate crime probe underway
The homeowner said that if she and her husband had been home, “nobody would have survived that.”

Today’s Action: Meet the candidates part 1: Elizabeth Warren

Now that we’re through the first two Democratic Presidential candidate debates, the field is about to narrow significantly; round three’s qualifications are much more strict. So far, only eight candidates have qualified, so let’s take a closer look! Starting with…

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren: Warren won a recent Indivisible post-debate poll by a landslide, with 45% of the total out of all twenty candidates. Though not representative of all Democrats or the population as a whole, this indicates she’s currently the leading candidate amongst activated voters who want Trump ousted.

ECONOMY: Warren’s political career and brand have been built on an unflinching commitment to policies that can help struggling Americans. But she has also demonstrated a nearly oracle-like understanding of the economy as a whole. Between 2003-2007, while still a law professor at Harvard University, Warren famously predicted the 2008 financial crash, repeatedly and publicly warning federal and financial leaders of the impending crisis. As we now know, they didn’t listen. But Warren’s keen eye on the financial industry has now produced truly exciting policy for 2020, with plans to end Wall Street giveaways that only help the 1% and strengthen our economy against another crash (including OD Action standards like a $15 minimum wage, eliminating student loan debt, universal affordable childcare, and more).

CLIMATE CHANGE: An original cosponsor of the Green New Deal, Warren includes returning to the Paris Climate Accord and Obama-era emission standards on her agenda. And, she’s committing $2 trillion to research and development of renewable energy to hit our necessary, world-saving goals by 2030. Bonus economic side-effect: 1 million new jobs in the clean energy industry!

IMMIGRATION: Warren doesn’t just plan to shut down Trump’s current heinous concentration camps, deadly ICE raids, and family separation – she’s going much further, with proposals to decriminalize migration, restructure ICE and CBP, and hold the Trump administration accountable for the human rights violations they’ve committed.

FIGHTING RACISM: Warren has bold new policies to tackle the racial imbalance of power and wealth in our country. She has plans to grant entrepreneurs of color $7 billion in startup funds, raise the wages of women of color, eradicate racist GOP voter suppression tactics, and shut down the private prison and detention systems that profit off the lives of people of color.

CRITICS SAY: She’s too liberal. A woman can’t win. A progressive can’t win — or at least isn’t as electable as a moderate, white man.

AND FINALLY: Elizabeth Warren is widely seen as the best messenger of Democrats’ best ideas — many of which are her own. Her answer to questions about electability is to point to her own path to the Senate: Warren is the only presidential candidate who got their current job by beating a popular Republican incumbent. We mustn’t neglect to mention…she was the first candidate to call for Trump’s impeachment. Not bad at all, Sen. Warren.

Stay tuned for more candidate profiles in the coming weeks leading up to the third round of debates, on September 12 and 13!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Republicans to join Democrats to pass bipartisan red glag laws to prevent gun violence, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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