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Top Stories for September 26:

Geraldo Rivera slams Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley as “flat-earthers” for preposterous claim Trump won 2020 election

Fox News media personality and conservative Geraldo Rivera scorched the Republican pair for their wildly outlandish claim that the disgraced ex-president won the 2020 election, noting, “Everything they say should jam the bullshit filter.”

Take Action: Kick Fox News off the air for inciting violence against the government!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican plays pretend to defend Trump, promptly gets called out in squirmy live interview

Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrasso twice tried to wiggle out of answering George Stephanopoulos’ simple, straightforward questions about Trump’s imaginary declassification powers, but ultimately caved and stated the obvious: “I don’t think a president can declassify documents by saying so, by thinking about it.”

Take Action: Abortion rights are on the ballot in key swing states

Top prosecutor offers bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Ex-House 1/6 committee adviser’s unauthorized new book a purported bombshell
Former GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman’s new book, “The Breach,” offers a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into the House committee’s investigation of Trump’s violent insurrection and, according to its publisher, “includes previously unpublished texts from key political leaders” and “contains shocking details about the Trump White House’s links to militant extremist groups.”

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency!

Liz Cheney vows to quit Republican Party if Trump becomes GOP’s 2024 nominee for president
The neocon, who supports racist voter suppression and gerrymandering, says she would be willing to stump for the Democratic Party even as she continues to actively fight virtually every policy and value progressives care about.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the Respect for Marriage Act!

Far-right gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano’s “big rally” fizzles, organizers blame “big tech”

The Pennsylvania Republican’s grievance-airing rally, a supposed get-out-the-vote operation with the general election just six weeks away, drew a mere 50 people, which organizers punchdrunk on conspiracy theories quickly blamed on big tech “shadow-banning” practices. Got it.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the No Tax Breaks for Union Busters Act!

Italy elects neo-fascist government for the first time since WWII
The cycle of history appears to be repeating itself as Italian voters once again turns to the far-right. The neo-fascist Brothers of Italy party won the most votes with a center-right coalition, paving the way for Giorgia Meloni to become Italy’s first woman premier. Turnout was a historically low 64% — a terrifying reminder of what can happen when we don’t stay mobilized and get to the polls.

Tim Ryan flips the script in worker-focused bid for Ohio’s red Senate seat

OD Action partner: The trail blazing Democrat has a real shot at flipping Ohio’s open Senate seat and keeping the Democrats in the majority! United Rural Democrats makes it easier for candidates like Tim to share this workers-first message in rural America. For Democrats to win, we must compete and win in hard areas.

Trump said gaining secret “rich friends” made presidency worth it, according to new book
When you’ve played pretend rich with daddy’s money for decades, making real rich friends must be quite the thrill.

Adam Schiff criticizes slow pace of Justice Department investigation into Trump’s broader Jan. 6 plot
Rep. Schiff said it was a mistake for the DOJ to start the investigation with those who broke into the Capitol, pointing to multiple, ongoing efforts to overturn the 2020 election. “That works when you have one plot, one conspiracy. It doesn’t work when there are multiple lines of effort to overturn an election, multiple plots that may be all part of the same whole, but nonetheless, each operating independently.”

Deadly protests in Iran reach 10th night as Iranian government summon UK ambassador over coverage
Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Britain’s ambassador to protest what it described as a hostile atmosphere created by London-based Farsi language media outlets. The move comes amid violent unrest in Iran triggered by the death of a young woman who was originally detained by morality police for supposedly wearing her head scarf too loosely.


Good grief

Russia, Russia, Russia


Today’s Action: Tell the DOJ to prosecute Starbucks, Amazon, and other corporations for illegally bullying unionizing workers!

A unionization wave is currently sweeping through the nation, especially at major corporations like Starbucks and Amazon. In just the past few months, more than 5,000 employees at 230-plus Starbucks locations have unionized, while another 5,000 workers at a major Amazon warehouse in New York have formed a union, with fellow employees at 50 more locations seeking to soon join them.

Terrified of their workers gaining any sort of bargaining power, Amazon and Starbucks have begun cracking down on unionization efforts in despicable, albeit predictable ways.

Call (202-353-1555) or write the Department of Justice and tell them to hold these corporations accountable for violating labor laws!

Starbucks has been accused of illegally withholding promotions and raises from unionized workers along with 200 other violations of the National Labor Relations Act, while Amazon, Apple, and Google have all resorted to old-school bullying tactics — calling the cops, illegally firing workers, etc. — to try to stop workers from claiming any semblance of power for themselves.

Every worker deserves the right to join a union without being subject to coercion or threats from uncaring employers. It is a moral outrage that these companies are putting their shareholders’ wallets above the well-being of their own employees.

Call (202-353-1555) or write the Department of Justice and demand they prosecute Starbucks, Amazon, and other corporations for illegally bullying unionizing workers!


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