Trump gets busted trying to get around Twitter ban

Impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection!


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Top Stories for January 9:

Defiant Trump tries and immediately fails to evade his permanent Twitter ban

The outgoing Oval Office occupant tried to use his @POTUS account to evade his ban, but it just put him deeper in the hole.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican West Virginia lawmaker arrested for storming US Capitol

The arrest wasn’t all that surprising since the newly elected Derrick Evans live-streamed his participation in the Trump-inspired insurrection. Oops.

Take Action: Charge everyone involved with the MAGA coup, including Trump!

GOP Senators announce bombshell plan to keep Trump in office

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond disgusting.

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski becomes first GOP senator to call on Trump to resign
Murkowski did not mince words: “I want him out.”

Take Action: Expel the Senators who opposed certifying Biden’s win!

Trump rioters smeared their own feces throughout Capitol during attack
Just more acts of patriotism from the outgoing president’s “very special” people whom he loves very much.

Disturbing video shows officer crushed against door by mob storming the Capitol

A horrifying video from Wednesday’s Capitol riots showed an officer being crushed by pro-Trump rioters trying to enter the building. At least one individual attempted to rip away the officer’s mask as he screamed in agony.

Trump says he’s skipping Biden inauguration
President-elect Biden welcomed the news, stating, “He exceeded even my worst notions about him. He’s been an embarrassment to the country, embarrassed us around the world. He’s not worthy to hold that office.”

Take Action: Tell prosecutors to charge Trump and his accomplices for their crimes after he leaves office!

Pelosi, calling Trump “an unstable president,” seeks to prevent his access to nuclear launch codes
In an extraordinary move, Pelosi contacted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss “available precautions” for preventing what she called “an unstable president” from accessing the nuclear launch codes or initiating military hostilities before he is out of office in 12 days.

Rioter pictured defiling desk in Pelosi’s office is arrested
Appalling images of Richard Barnett of Arkansas in the speaker’s office became emblematic of the mayhem that tore across the US Capitol during the insurrection.

Democrat introduces bill to investigate if Capitol Police have ties to white supremacist groups
Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York is calling for a commission to investigate Capitol Police following the debacle unleashed by pro-Trump rioters on January 6th.

Google removes Parler from app store, on thin ice with Apple
The social network, launched in 2018, became popular among conservatives and an unmoderated home to more extreme views in 2020 when both Facebook and Twitter tightened up their content moderation and labeling.



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