George Conway brutally smacks down Don Jr on Twitter

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Today’s Top Stories:

George Conway smacks down Don Jr. after he’s accused of “embarrassing his wife”

The president’s son tried to shame Conway as a husband and immediately got what was coming to him.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Crowd erupts into standing ovation for Yovanovitch at impeachment hearing

The crowd was clearly moved by the victim of Trump’s global smear campaign.

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New witness reveals he overheard damning phone call because Trump was yelling so loudly
Another witness, another ridiculous way that the president has shot himself in the foot.

Trump throws Twitter tantrum in protest of his henchman Roger Stone’s conviction
The president desperately tried to cry “double standard” as yet another of his cronies faces jail time.

Trump accused of witness intimidation after attack-tweeting Yovanovitch while she’s testifying
In a stunning show of poor judgment, the president dug his impeachment hole even deeper by going after the former ambassador in real-time.

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Trump defies Pentagon and pardons two service members accused of war crimes
The president’s abuse of his pardon power sends an abhorrent signal to the world.

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Trump tries to argue his witness intimidation is just him expressing his “free speech”
The president offered up the weakest of excuses in a desperate attempt to undo the damage he did to his own case on Friday.

Newly released emails show Trump added his property to list of potential G-7 sites after Secret Service identified others
The president’s corruption is brazen and constant.

Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s attacks on witnesses “very significant” to impeachment probe
Trump took a bad situation and made it much worse for himself.


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