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Top Stories for May 21:

Ginni Thomas demanded state lawmakers overturn Biden’s 2020 victory

Emails reveal the insurrectionist wife of Justice Clarence Thomas told two Arizona legislators to do their “constitutional duty” and elect a “clean slate of electors.”

Take Action: Ban insurrectionists from running for public office, including Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dr. Oz’s attack on John Fetterman goes horribly wrong in live interview

The Trump-endorsed carpetbagger’s senate primary race is likely headed for a recount, but he’s already embarrassing himself in his futile attempts to land any substantive jabs against the formidable Fetterman.

Take Action: Chip in to help Fetterman flip the most important Senate district in the country!

Native Americans’ voting rights are under attack by Republicans!

Four Directions: Not content with just suppressing Black votes, the GOP is now taking aim at Native Americans. Four Directions is the ONLY organization in the country dedicated to protecting their rights — and they need your help!

Election coup mastermind says Trump led operation directly
Court filings released Friday show that lawyer John Eastman, who conjured up the theory that Mike Pence could void election results, was in constant communication with Trump the entire post-election period.

Take Action: Tell Merrick Garland: Indict Trump!

Trump-appointed judge blocks Biden from ending racist border policy
Judge Robert Summerhays used the cover of unresolved lawsuits to keep Trump’s vile Title 42, which bars migrants from countries with recent COVID outbreaks from seeking entry or asylum at the southern border, in place.

Rudy Giuliani finally deposed by 1/6 committee, grilled for 9 hours

After multiple delays and months of stall tactics, the ignominious leader of Trump’s legal team behind the 2020 coup finally had to tell investigators under oath what he knew, and when he knew it.

Take Action: Arrest and prosecute Trump’s criminal allies now!

Extremist archbishop bans Pro-Choice Nancy Pelosi from communion
San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone clearly does not know, or does not care, about the separation of church and state in the United States of America.

Take Action: Tell Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski: Losing Roe is YOUR fault — do something about it!

Republicans’ insidious abortion scheme gets EXPOSED

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Disgusting.

Madison Cawthorn resurfaces on Instagram after humiliating defeat
In a typo-laden tirade, the far right-wing scandal machine blamed the media, the GOP establishment – basically everyone but himself – for his crushing primary loss, vowing “Dark MAGA” would soon take command.

Dad who gave son assault rifle used in Waffle House massacre convicted
Jeffrey Reinking will serve up to 3 years in jail for “illegal delivery of a firearm to a person who had been treated for mental illness within the past five years.” No word yet on consequences for the company that made the gun or the Republican politicians who made this tragedy so easy to carry out.

Bill Barr negotiating deal to testify before 1/6 committee
The two-time attorney general was an effective trump henchman who implemented some of his most destructive policies, but Barr was also among the first to flee the sinking ship after the 2020 election.

Democrats lead charge for binding vote on Puerto Rico statehood
New proposal would commit Congress to admitting the island territory as the 51st state if Puerto Rican residents approve it, potentially altering the balance of power in congress. Proposal also creates potential path to independence.


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