Disbar Giuliani for making a mockery of our democracy


Top Stories for June 15:

Rudy Giuliani blasts Trump aides over claim he was drunk on election night

Rudy denied Tuesday that he was drunk when he urged former President Donald Trump to declare victory, and said he was “disgusted” by a Trump aide who’d testified otherwise.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Liz Cheney issues devastating news for Trump

The Republican Congresswoman laid the hammer down on our treasonous, disgraced ex-president.

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Mitch McConnell says he supports the bipartisan framework on a gun deal
The Grim Reaper of the Senate’s support should tell you all you need to know about how effective the deal will actually be at regulating firearms — but hey, it’s better than nothing and quietly will close the “boyfriend loophole” in a huge win for domestic violence victims.

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Louisiana rape victim ordered to pay her “well-connected” rapist child support
In a horrifying miscarriage of justice, a judge has given full custody of a child to the man who raped her mother when she was just sixteen and ordered her to pay child support.

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Russia extends Brittney Griner’s detention until at least July 2
The Khimki district court of the Moscow region extended Griner’s detention for a third time, according to the Tass report, which also cited a top Russian diplomat as saying that Moscow will not consider including Griner in a detainee swap “until a court investigation into her case is completed.”

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Biden knocks Wall Street, defends economic plans amid recession fears

Often raising his voice to a yell, Biden vowed to continue to pursue billionaires and corporations that his administration says underpay billions of dollars in taxes each year, and to pursue economic policies aimed at shrinking U.S. inequality.

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January 6 Committee SINKS Trump with brilliant tactic

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: WOW.

Starbucks union accuses company of threatening the healthcare of trans employees
Starbucks is holding gender-affirming care for transgender employees hostage as part of its fight against the unionization wave sweeping the country, according to a new National Labor Relations Board charge filed by workers at a store in Oklahoma.

Pro-Trump candidate calls for executing parents of LGBTQ+ kids
Pastor Mark Burns, the candidate for SC-04, compared LGBTQ inclusion to Nazi Germany and then laid out how he would legally justify executing the parents of LGBTQ children. Beyond terrifying.

Ilhan Omar says 49 million facing famine ‘should be the biggest story in the world right now’
The combination of a worsening climate emergency and Russia’s war on Ukraine has helped push the number of people at risk of famine globally to an all-time high of up to 49 million, according to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Program.

Google caught profiting from gun ads after publicly disavowing them
A ProPublica analysis shows that Google’s ad systems served up more than 100 million ads from gun makers.


Bad apples

Baked Alaska


Today’s Action: Tell Biden to fight to end the FDA’s policy preventing LGBTQ+ people from donating blood!

The recent surge in COVID cases has fueled the worst blood shortage in more than a decade, and yet many LGBTQ+ people are still barred from donating blood. 

With shelf-life issues, recurring climate crises, the ongoing pandemic, staffing shortages, and countless other obstacles taken into account, the blood supply is more than tenuous and vulnerable. The current policy, rooted in bigotry with zero scientific basis, places unreasonable restrictions on gay and bisexual men. Estimates suggest an additional 360,000 men would likely donate should the policy be lifted, which could flip the nation’s blood shortage on its head and help more than a million people. 

One LGBTQ+ advocate, Jay Franzone, remained abstinent for a year just so he could donate blood in January 2017. Since Franzone’s experience, the restrictions have changed to only allow those who have abstained from same-sex sexual activity for 90 days to donate. Franzone said “they can change the policy — even temporarily — and they can do so today.”  

Write President Biden and urge him to push for an end to the discriminatory policy that prevents gay and bisexual men, as well as others in the LGBTQ+ community, from giving blood! Send him this petition with over 100,000 signatures in support of stopping the policy.

Any policy that singles out the LGBTQ community is flat-out discriminatory. On top of that, this one in particular poses an unnecessary obstacle to ending the blood shortage. Safety technology and blood screening have advanced well past the science of time-based restrictions– now, the only thing that is standing in the way of change is pure bigotry.


The pandemic, antiquated restrictions, and more have some hospitals — especially in rural areas — rationing critical blood products. A blood shortage means medical professionals are making choices about who receives blood transfusions, with some centers one trauma patient away from running out of blood completely. In a world frequently facing unprecedented disasters, our emergency supply is nonexistent. Everyone capable and willing should be able to donate blood, especially during a blood shortage. 

Write President Biden and send him this petition with over 100,000 signatures demanding an end to the FDA’s anti-LGBTQ+ policy!


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