GOP Congressman taunts MI school shooting victims

Ban assault weapons!


Top Stories for December 5:

GOP Congressman openly taunts victims of Michigan school shooting

Rep Massie (R-KY-Depraved) asked Santa for ammo for his children, days after a teen killed four classmates amid encouragement from his parents to shop for guns and ammo.

Take Action: Tell prosecutors to charge parents who give kids unsupervised access to guns BEFORE they cause a tragedy!

First big tranche of infrastructure dollars heading to states for water, lead pipes
The “single largest investment in water infrastructure” in the history of the federal government comes less than a year into Democrats’ leadership.

Take Action: Tell the Senate not to cut the Build Back Better Act provisions that end cruelty against undocumented immigrants!

Trump’s schemes are STILL deporting America’s Dreamers

American Refugee: America is the only country they’ve ever known, and it’s about to kick them out.

Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect are held on $500,000 bond after manhunt
They encouraged their son to fetishicize weapons of war before he murdered teenagers, then fled law enforcement.

Trump social media blows deadline, still claims $1 billion commitment from secret investors
The disgraced ex-president failed to keep his promise and rather than address it is making a new, wild, unsubstantiated claim. That tracks.

CNN fires Chris Cuomo for role in fighting brother’s sexual harassment scandal
The Cuomo unemployment rate continues to climb.

US intelligence finds Russia planning Ukraine offensive
The Biden administration is “deeply concerned” by new intelligence.

Take Action: Demand the EPA limit deadly methane emissions from the oil & gas industry!

Richard Ojeda vows to defeat the GOP’s “KKK Caucus” in fiery new video

No Dem Left Behind: Bigots like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz take it for granted that they own the rural vote. Richard Ojeda disagrees. Check out his plan to defeat the KKK Caucus of the GOP on their own turf.

McConnell pushes Republicans to run in 2022 with no legislative agenda
Today’s Republican Party has no interest in improving Americans’ lives and don’t no longer feels the need to even pretend otherwise.

Lawmaker who fought against vaccine and mask mandates resigns after wife dies of COVID-19
In his resignation letter, Rep. Johansen defended his opposition to the rules that could have saved his wife’s life.

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces backlash for cancer tweets
The Qanon Congresswoman seems to think cancer is contagious.

Take Action: Pass the Build Back Better Act and guarantee healthcare for EVERY American!




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