GOP gov issues disgusting AIDS lie to back vax lies

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FDA panel votes for Pfizer’s booster shot for ages 65+

Top Stories for September 18:

GOP gov repeatedly cites imaginary AIDS vaccine in campaign against health mandates

Pushing back against health measures meant to curb the raging pandemic, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp keeps mentioning failed past mandates for an AIDS vaccine that simply doesn’t exist.

Take Action: Demand Fox be held liable for vaccine disinformation that’s getting people killed!

Civilian Pentagon official in the Trump administration spoke with China on January 6, two days before Gen. Milley’s controversial call
A deputy to then-President Trump’s acting secretary of defense held a call with his Chinese counterpart two days before the now-controversial call by Gen. Mark Milley, undercutting criticism that the Joint Chiefs chairman was out of line.

Take Action: Demand the Jan 6th select committee subpoena Trump and insurrectionist-supporting Republicans NOW

FINALLY – promising news on voting rights legislation!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Sarah Palin says she’s not vaccinated because she believes “in the science”
“I am one of those white, common sense conservatives,” Palin said. “I believe in science and I have not taken the shot.”

Post-presidency protection for Trump kids and officials has cost $1.7 million so far
In the waning days of the his disastrous presidency, Trump signed a highly unusual order that gifted six extra months of Secret Service protection to his four adult children, their families, and three of his favorite officials.

Laura Loomer, who once said ‘bad fajitas’ were worse than COVID, currently battling brutal case

The far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer says she’s tested positive for the coronavirus, after suffering from severe symptoms that she wrote left her feeling like she “got hit by a bus.”

Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers file lawsuit to toss out mail-in voting they previously approved
It’s just like our parents and teachers used to tell us when we were kids — “If you can’t win, change the rules!”

Retired Major Richard Ojeda breaks down the treasonous final days of the Trump presidency

No Dem Left Behind: The Democratic star exposes the military coup that almost was.

Newly unredacted documents reveal litany of allegations against Mike Pompeo
Spoiler alert: Mike broke a lot of rules.

Jared Kushner’s family firm set to unleash eviction wave amid pandemic
Properties owned by Kushner’s family company have filed at least 590 eviction lawsuits since last March, because nothing feels better than being super rich.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to tax the wealthy to fund the infrastructure plan!

Thousands of Haitian migrants decamped under Texas bridge in squalid conditions
Food and water are scarce at the camp. With sweltering heat and triple-digit temperatures, migrants are bathing in the Rio Grande and wading back and forth across the river to buy food and water in Mexico.

Afghanistan drone strike the Pentagon previously described as “righteous” killed as many as 10 civilians, officials say
General Frank McKenzie, the commander of the US Central Command, called the errant strike “a tragic mistake” during a news conference Friday afternoon.



Yes. Seriously.


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