GOP gov followed Trump’s lead, sees deadly COVID boom

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Demand Trump's cronies be removed from the US pandemic response so scientists can do their jobs!


Today’s Top Stories:

South Dakota’s GOP governor resisted ordering people to stay home. Now it has one of the nation’s largest coronavirus hot spots

Governor’s failure to heed health experts’ repeated warnings seriously threatening U.S. food supply.

Take Action: Tell Trump: Stop making excuses for the pandemic and tell America to STAY AT HOME!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Reporter forces Trump to answer for wasting all of February in US response

The president’s daily briefing quickly descended into a circus after he took offense at being asked questions.

Take Action: Check out the WHO’s list of precautions you can take to avoid infection WITHOUT panicking.

Check out this week’s episode: Trump just killed thousands of Americans

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Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president: “We need you in the White House”
The former rival for the Democratic nomination made clear that there is only one acceptable path forward: President Biden.

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Ted Cruz embarrasses himself, deletes own tweet after trying to mock Gov. Whitmer’s virus response
The Texas Senator thought he’d make fun of overprotective Democrats but quickly had to eat his words.

Liberal challenger defeats conservative incumbent in Wisconsin Supreme Court race
Republicans’ voter suppression efforts appear to have backfired.

Sailor aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt dies of coronavirus
The ship’s former captain was fired by Trump admin for ringing alarm bells to protect sailors.

Election year is here!

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Trump rages at criticism while governors craft their own plans to reopen the economy
In one of the most unchained presidential tantrums ever captured on television, Trump flouted every notion of leadership in a crisis.

Take Action: Demand Trump stop withholding lifesaving aid to states because of his petty grudges against governors!

Trump campaign sues TV station for running ad consisting entirely of his own words
The president is frantically taking action as his own rhetoric comes back to bite him in 2020.

Trump trying to delay Census, redistricting under cloud of crisis he helped create
Efforts to ensure an accurate count are important, but the administration’s tactics are raising concern.

Mayor London Breed’s early and aggressive moves to contain the outbreak have made San Francisco a national model in fighting the pandemic
The liberal leader created the playbook for how to do things right.

Nearly 30% in the US believe a right wing coronavirus theory that’s almost certainly not true
Despite overwhelming evidence from health experts, nearly a third of Americans believe virus created in a lab.

Millions of public school students will suffer from school closures, education leaders have concluded
Nationwide coalition of school administrators and teachers unions is seeking more than $200 billion from federal government to avoid catastrophe.

Mitch McConnell tried to gut a CDC program directed at detecting and responding to infectious-disease outbreaks
Republican efforts to defund critical public-health programs have attracted renewed scrutiny in wake of coronavirus pandemic.

George Stephanopoulos tests positive for coronavirus
The ABC News anchor says he is “basically asymptomatic” thus far.

WWE deemed ‘essential business’ during coronavirus pandemic in Florida
With governors in other states working overtime to save lives, Republican Ron DeSantis continues to risk lives for the worst reasons.


Today’s Action: Collect COVID-19 data on racial disparities 

Several members of Congress have sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, calling for widespread monitoring and data collecting on the racial disparities in how COVID-19 is affecting communities. Because there are huge disparities, and they all point to underlying systemic issues of racism in our healthcare system that existed long before this pandemic.

COVID-19 itself does not discriminate – but thanks to the rampant discrimination that already exists, this virus has already begun impacting communities of color at disproportionate levels. We need attention on this issue immediately, so that our state and federal governments can tackle and pro-actively address the underlying problems as they lay out treatment and economic strategies in the coming weeks and months.

Call or email Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to demand his department monitor and address racial disparities in our nation’s response to COVID-19. Follow with the same call to your Members of Congress and state representatives.

Without widespread testing availability, POC patients are facing the implicit biases of the medical professionals they seek help from, and who have the ability to deny them testing. Furthermore, Black and Hispanic communities are less likely to be insured and more likely to live in an area with a shortage of healthcare providers. Add in higher rates of asthma, thanks to poorer housing conditions, air-quality, and aforementioned healthcare access…

…and Black and Hispanic people are dying at twice the rate as white people in New York City, with similarly disproportionate ratios emerging across the country as the virus spreads. And yet the Center for Disease Control has so far failed to collect any data on this heartbreaking mortality trend. These issues are not new – and it’s time for our federal government to stop ignoring the problem.

Email or call (202.690.7000) Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and request that his department immediately begin tracking racial disparities in the U.S. response to COVID-19. Then, send the same request to your Members of Congress and state reps.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to remove Trump’s cronies from the US pandemic response so scientists can do their jobs, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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