Deep red gov unleashes on GOP over pandemic lies

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Top Stories for July 23:

GOP governor says it’s time to “blame the unvaccinated” for pandemic surge

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey stated the painfully obvious, castigating right-wing media and conservative voters alike: “Media, I want you to start reporting the facts.”

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jim Jordan loses it after getting denied a spot on January 6 Committee

Nancy Pelosi denied two “Big Lie” Republicans from sitting on the House select committee to investigate the MAGA riot at the US Capitol, and Ohio’s Jim Jordan was none too pleased about being rejected.

Texas Democrats FINALLY dish on Manchin conversation

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Trump has bilked followers for $75 million in bogus “stop the steal” donations
The entirety of Donald Trump’s life so far has been, essentially, a string of grifts and so it’s unsurprising that his presidential (and post-presidential) life has been no different.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban dark money in elections!

Mississippi asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade
The state of Mississippi formally asked the US Supreme Court Thursday to uphold its ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that gave women the right to end a pregnancy before a fetus is viable outside the womb.

Take Action: Add your name to call for EVERY STATE to expand Medicaid to those who need it!

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson arrested at voting rights protest

The Georgia Democrat was arrested by Capitol Police on Thursday for “unlawfully demonstrating” outside the Hart Senate Office Building.

Take Action: Tell Schumer: The infrastructure bill MUST include the climate justice and equity!

Pelosi considers adding 2nd House Republican to select committee following McCarthy tantrum over rejected picks
With two laughably inappropriate Republican picks out of the way, the House speaker is looking to bolster bipartisan standing of 1/6 panel with the potential addition of GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Take Action: Add your name to tell Senate Democrats to DUMP THE FILIBUSTER!

Richard Ojeda DESTROYS Republican leader Kevin McCarthy in 60 seconds

No Dem Left Behind: Finally someone put the seditious Republican in his place

FBI received more than 4,500 tips on Brett Kavanaugh, ignored most of them, Senate Democrats charge
According to FBI records, the most “relevant” of the 4,500 tips were referred to lawyers in then-President Trump’s White House, whose handling of them remains unclear.

DOJ restricts contact with White House, a sharp pivot from Trump administration
Attorney General Merrick Garland’s order, which reaffirmed some policies of previous administrations, marks a sharp pivot from the Trump era when the former president casually broke with institutional norms, repeatedly calling on the department to launch investigations of his political rivals.

Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony kicks off Games like no other
Japan has staked its international reputation on making these Olympics a success, in spite of the pandemic and various scandals.

Longer wait for second Pfizer vaccine dose “gives more robust protection from COVID”
New studies show a longer interval leads not only to more antibodies but also more T helper cells. Both are a product of the immune system but work in different ways and have opposing roles.



Yes. Seriously.


7/23: Support the F.R.E.E. Act!

Pop icon Britney Spears has been under a forced conservatorship for the past 12 years, with her family serving as legal guardians despite her being a well-functioning adult. After a personal mental health crisis was made very public by intrusive media, her father claimed “early-onset dementia” in order to gain temporary control of his daughter. Only, it hasn’t been temporary — what was initially meant to be a year-long conservatorship has turned into a life-long battle.

This conservatorship has prevented Britney from having control of her career, her social media, her ability to have children or contact her children, and so much more. Instead, these fundamental rights are intensely monitored by her father, who continues to live off Britney’s $138-million-dollars-a-year estate.

Legislation by Representative Crist (D-FL) and Representative Mace (R-SC) was introduced this week that would clear a path for individuals like Britney to request their conservator be replaced by a public guardian employed by the state, a family member, or private agent, thereby allowing for more accountability.

Call (202-224-3121) or email your representatives  and ask them to co-sponsor the F.R.E.E. Act!

If a predatory conservatorship can happen to a public figure like Britney Spears for 12 years, there’s no telling how many others are suffering the same fate. It is crucial to bring transparency and accountability to the conservatorship process and protect those with mental health issues.

Living with bipolar, depression, anxiety, or any other type of mental health disorder does not mean you are undeserving of controlling basic aspects of your own life. We must ensure that there are no loopholes in our legal system that allow for injustices such as Britney’s conservatorship to continue happening.

Call (202-224-3121) or email your representatives and call for their support on the F.R.E.E. Act, an essential step in mental health advocacy!

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