GOP implodes over competing schemes to steal election

Tell Republicans to put country over party and condemn Trump's made-for-TV coup!


Top Stories for January 1:

Pence asks judge to reject GOP rep’s lawsuit asking the VP to interfere in the Electoral College count

The outgoing VP asked a judge to reject a request from Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert to force Pence to ignore electoral votes of key states when Congress meets to certify the 2020 presidential election next week.

Take Action: Call voters in Georgia and help put Mitch McConnell and Republicans into the minority next year!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican senator humiliates himself when asked what he’s done for his own voters

When pressed to share some of his accomplishments after six years in office, Sen. Perdue stumbled, offering up an arbitrary anecdote about several people thanking him for random assistance provided by his staff.

Take Action: Demand McConnell hold a vote on the House-passed bill to get Americans $2,000 relief checks!

Trump’s “dead voters” claim backfires on his own campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This one is humiliating.

At least 140 House Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes
This is sedition.

GOP Sen. Sasse defies Trump with scathing argument against fighting Biden’s election certification
The Nebraska Republican bucked his party leader with a point-by-point refutation of the outgoing president’s bogus election fraud claims.

Mark Meadows convinced Trump to refuse mask mandate
The White House chief of staff reportedly made the argument at a late July meeting, where Trump’s main pollster had presented data showing that a majority of Republicans in states they were targeting supported a mask requirement for public indoor spaces. The president and his henchmen willfully neglected the health and safety of America and tens of thousands died because of it.

Take Action: Demand Trump’s security clearance be revoked after he leaves office!

Pharmacist arrested, accused of destroying more than 500 Moderna vaccine doses
A Milwaukee pharmacist was arrested Thursday and accused of intentionally “tampering with and causing the destruction” of more than 550 doses of the critical Moderna vaccine last week. At least 57 patients received injections with the spoiled vaccine.

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Georgia Sen. David Perdue quarantining after possible virus exposure
The embattled GOP senator’s possible exposure to the virus comes with just days before his state’s runoff elections will decide the fate of the Senate.

Trump budget director bans key staffers from meeting with Biden transition team
The defeated president’s OMB director, Russ Vought, is forbidding key staff from meeting with the Biden transition team, preventing the incoming administration from fully preparing its long-term plans on issues like health care, climate change, and taxes.

Trump extends immigrant and work visa restrictions into Biden presidency
The outgoing Oval Office occupant extended a pandemic-era suspension of certain immigrant and work visas, ensuring that his sweeping limits on legal immigration will remain in place when Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20th.

Biden White House to issue memo to halt or delay midnight regulations on January 20
The action is part of a broader push the Biden transition team has previewed to immediately undo several of outgoing president’s most destructive policies.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Flip. The. Senate!

2020 is FINALLY behind us! But we still have one big unanswered question as to what kind of year awaits us.

With four days until Georgia determines control of the US Senate, we can and must do our parts to determine exactly what kind of year 2021 (to start!) will be. The good news is, our efforts are working, so we cannot afford to let up now.

We’ll celebrate next week. Right now, we MUST win the Senate! 

If we cannot win the Senate next week, Mitch McConnell will be just as much a roadblock for Biden’s agenda as he has been for House Democrats. And he won’t mind at all if we get nothing done for the American people the next two years.

Georgia’s Senate candidates, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, are fantastic Democrats for the state and fully capable of beating the Trump-chump incumbents. But voters will need your encouragement to battle the raging suppression that the GOP is bringing, still scalding from their loss of the presidency and making this last effort to block our goals.

Let’s put 2020 behind us and ring in the new year right: with the ability to enact a progressive agenda in 2021.

Sign up for a two-hour shift this weekend to Get Out The Vote in Georgia!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Republicans to put country over party and condemn Trump’s made-for-TV coup, and get your copy of the delightful “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” by Pantsuit Politics hosts, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers, a fun read to help us cope with the aftermath of a post-Trump America.


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