Top Republican unleashes disgraceful anti-gay attack

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Top Stories for November 21:

Republican lieutenant governor says straights are “superior” to gays

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson ratcheted up his homophobia to disgusting new levels, comparing being gay to “what the cows leave behind” in addition to maggots and flies.

Tucker Carlson crew embedded with Kyle Rittenhouse defense team during trial for upcoming “documentary”
Carlson, who secured exclusive access to Rittenhouse and members of his defense team during the trial, shared a promo video that showed his crew filming with Rittenhouse during the trial, featuring the 18-year-old in a wholly sympathetic light. The arrangement was not revealed until after the not-guilty verdict was handed down on Friday.

Prosecutor slams Trump team for ignoring subpoenas

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney says it’s “disgusting” that Republicans are trying to trade on his client’s “celebrity”
Disgusting? Sure. Surprising? Not one bit.

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Rep. Cori Bush calls for expulsion of House Republicans who offered Kyle Rittenhouse an internship, says her job feels “more and more dangerous'” every day
“Just being real: every day it feels more and more dangerous coming to work. Not only do these members fuel violence. Now they’re actively recruiting someone whose sole qualification is killing people standing up for Black lives and getting away with it,” Bush tweeted. “They must be expelled.”

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Senior Pentagon official warns the US military is “not ready” for climate change

Maybe if we frame this as a military issue we can finally get a few Republicans on board?

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Tennessee GOP gov’s own office warned new COVID law was illegal
Gov. Bill Lee’s office warned lawmakers that their sprawling bill limiting COVID-19 restrictions would violate federal law that protects people with disabilities and put the state at risk of losing federal funds. The Republican-controlled legislature ignored the advice and passed the bill anyway. Less than two weeks later, Lee signed it into law.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, and Lauren Boebert’s extremism costing them support from their voters

United Rural Democrats: New extremists in Congress are taking their districts for granted while delivering nothing for them. United Rural Democrats are organizing on the ground to shock Republicans by winning back Middle America. But they need your help!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks the “stunning diversity” of the GOP: “Look at all of those different-colored ties”

Right-wingers turn on Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin over his LGBTQ staffer and vaccine rules
Over the past week, outrage has bubbled over among right-wingers and TrumpWorld allies alike, who are under the impression Youngkin has insufficient MAGA loyalty, citing his hiring of an LGBTQ staffer and his refusal to block COVID-related local mandates.

Lawyer who tried to overturn Trump’s 2020 loss appointed to a US election board
Cleta Mitchell’s surprise appointment to the US Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) Board of Advisors shows how once-fringe “election integrity” activists are trying to gain footholds in US institutions in the run up to next year’s congressional elections. And it illustrates Trump’s continued dominance over his party as Mitchell and other backers of his stolen-election falsehoods win support from powerful Republicans in Congress.

Trump believes he “made” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis into a GOP star and expects more appreciation from him
As the disgraced ex-president teases a 2024 presidential bid, he is reportedly becoming “more obsessed” with “receiving credit” for the ascent of DeSantis, because in Trumpworld, all roads lead to and from Donald.


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