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Top Stories for July 19:

Doug Mastriano deletes Facebook videos as he runs for Pennsylvania governor

The GOP whack job is trying to erase the digital evidence of his conspiracy-minded extremism, removing as many as 14 videos featuring him promoting voter fraud conspiracy,

Gov. Greg Abbott did not attend funerals for any of the Uvalde shooting victims
The Texas governor isn’t just terrible at his job, he truly doesn’t care about people — even children murdered on his watch.

Take Action: Demand the Department of Justice investigate Texas Governor Abbott for illegally targeting the parents of trans kids!

Republicans pull HORRIFIC new stunt over abortion rights

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

GOP planning to flood the Biden administration with investigations should they retake the House
The Republicans are frothing at the bit to open show trials against Hunter Biden and over a range of issues, like the Afghanistan withdrawal, baby formula crisis, the origins of COVID-19, the US border — anything and everything they can to undermine Biden before the 2024 elections.

Take Action: Add your name to urge President Biden to ban off-shore oil dirlling immediately!

Democrats’ financial advantage grows in tightest U.S. Congress races
What was once expected to be a GOP blowout for House control has emerged as a neck-and-neck contest with Democrats in financial control.

New report shows dark-money billionaires have spent $90 million to buy Congress for the GOP
A whopping 86% of the GOP’s billionaire money came from “Wall Street tycoons” who are arguably the biggest beneficiaries of glaring loopholes in the tax code.

Republican Rep. Jody Hice subpoenaed in Georgia Trump election probe

The Congressman tried to toss out the results of a democratic election in his state and a grand jury wants to hear more.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act!

Republicans and their corporate cronies are destroying our future Expanding our House and Senate majorities has never been more important — the entire planet is at stake. Can you chip in to help Team350 elect climate leaders to Congress?

Trigger-happy Denver cops shoot five bystanders while responding to suspect accused of “felony menacing”
Police opened fire into a crowd after someone allegedly pointed a gun at them, causing a slew of injuries that thankfully everyone is expected to survive.

Take Action: Tell Big Tech companies to keep abortion data away from the cops!

Soaring executive pay shows its CEOs, not workers, responsible for inflation
The AFL-CIO’s latest report debunks the narrative pushed by oligarch mouthpieces blaming workers for inflation. “CEO pay rose 18.2%, faster than the U.S. inflation rate of 7.1%,” the analysis finds. “In contrast, U.S. workers’ wages fell behind inflation, with worker wages rising only 4.7% in 2021. The average S&P 500 companies’ CEO-to-worker pay ratio was 324-to-1.”

Take Action: Demand Republicans stop sabotaging President Biden’s work to combat inflation!

Students in a Dallas school district must wear clear backpacks after Uvalde shooting
The lack of any action from the state’s Republican overlords have left administrators with performative but functionally meaningless “safety precautions” that accomplish nothing but further strip dignity away from our schoolchildren.

Former Southwest flight attendant handed millions in settlement money after being fired for harassing her union leader
Charlene Carter harassed her union leader until she got fired. Now she’s playing the victim, saying she was fired for her anti-abortion views, and won millions. Only in America.


A song of fire, hold the ice…

Game of thrones…


Today’s Action: Tell transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg to put the airlines in their place!

Anyone who’s been to an airport recently knows what an absolute mess American air transportation is these days. Thanks to a shortage of pilots, air traffic control issues, and general staffing issues post-COVID, airlines are scrambling to staff flights, leading to tens of thousands of cancellations.

This isn’t a surprise to the airlines. Flights are scheduled months in advance, meaning that these airlines knew they didn’t have the people to staff them, but they accepted people’s money anyway and then left them out in the cold when the time came for them to travel. To make matters worse, in 2021 they refused to refund a staggering $10 billion dollars to American travelers who had their flights canceled.

Secretary Pete Buttigeg announced the conclusion of investigations into a few unnamed airlines who canceled flights and failed to give refunds to passengers, but there is still no information on whether or not passengers will receive their refunds at all. 

Email the Department of Transportation and demand Secretary Pete Buttigeg fight to get airline passengers their refunds!

Enough is enough. During the pandemic, the airline companies got a $54 billion bailout from the US taxpayer, and they proceeded to lay off 56,000 people anyway. Those people never got replaced, and now the US traveler who paid for the airline bailouts is getting ripped off and abused by these monopolistic behemoths. 

Despite knowing that their teams are not performing at pre-pandemic level and that they are lacking in staff, airlines continue to knowingly oversell their capacity at the expense of American families. Secretary Buttigeg promises that enforcement action will come in the following weeks, but we need to know that full refunds for slighted passengers will be included in that action — and that these exploitative, greedy business practices will come to an immediate end.

Email the Department of Transportation and call for a speedy resolution!


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