GOP rep caught on video saying party must “cheat”

Tell every Senator: If you honored Martin Luther King this week, protecft voting rights!


Top Stories for January 22:

GOP lawmaker caught on tape saying Republicans should cheat in elections

Wisconsin state assemblymen Elijah Behnke is also heard disparaging fellow GOP lawmakers and saying he wants to punch Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, in the face.

Take Action: Call for insurrectionists to be banned from running for office!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Republican Senator gets asked what her party stands for. It does not go well

Joni Ernst accidentally revealed the truth about the GOP’s plans to help the American people: they don’t exist.

Sinema pulls stunning move ahead of voting rights vote

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Virginia anti-masker charged after “every single gun loaded” video goes viral
Amelia King is out on bail after trying to intimidate her local school board and threatening violence if they compelled her son to comply with the proposed mask mandate.

Tucker Carlson compares COVID mandates to Nazi medical experiments
In a wild segment with notorious anti-vaxxer Dr. Robert Malone, the Fox News opinion host went off the rails with his reckless remarks.

Take Action: Demand Tucker Carlson’s sponsors pull their ads from the white supremacist’s show!

Mitch McConnell finally speaks after blowback from “Americans” comment

The Kentucky senator tried – and failed – to remove his foot from his mouth after yesterday’s embarrassing Freudian slip

January 6th committee pouring through records Trump tried to block
The National Archives has turned over more than 700 pages of presidential documents to congress after the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s bogus executive privilege claim.

WATCH: Richard Ojeda exposes the leader of the “OopsKeepers”

No Dem Left Behind; Elmer Stewart Rhodes didn’t make it through Army training, and shot his own eye out. But he touted himself as a “combat veteran” and conned countless others into joining his militia and storming the U.S. Capitol. If he’s getting government benefits, he should lose them forever, along with anyone else who participated in 1/6.

The backlash against Kyrsten Sinema continues to grow
More donors are threatening to walk away from the Arizona Senator after she opposed filibuster reform to pass voting rights legislation, and now state Democratic Party officials may censure her this weekend.

Trump says his Georgia election coercion was “even more” perfect than his Ukraine extortion
If the disgraced ex-president says it was perfect, you can bet it was incredibly illegal.

Prosecutor to ask justice departments to probe Trump’s “alternate electors” plot
In potentially major escalation, Wisconsin prosecutor says state and federal agencies should determine if 10 Republicans who participated in the Trump campaign’s plan to overturn the 2016 election should be investigated for fraud.

Black Mississippi lawmakers walk out on sham vote to ban CRT
The Democrats refused to legitimize the racist ploy.

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