GOP rep hit with MAJOR lawsuit for inciting MAGA riot

Tell Joe Manchin to stop doing Republicans' bidding and let the Democratic majority govern!


Top Stories for June 7:

Rep. Mo Brooks finally served with lawsuit related to his role in Trump’s Capitol insurrection

The Alabama Republican had been evading Rep. Swalwell’s legal team to avoid being served papers, so the California Democrat hired a private investigator to track the Trump lackey down.

Take Action: Tell Democrats to create a select committee to investigate Trump’s insurrection!

Joe Manchin hands McConnell huge win, declares opposition to blockbuster Dem voting rights bill
The West Virginia “Democrat” stunned the nation with his opposition to his party’s biggest legislative priority.

Democrats finally score HUGE win

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Ransomware attacks saddle Biden with grave national security crisis
The assaults, which have led FBI Director Christopher Wray to make comparisons to 9/11, are targeting the country’s vulnerable infrastructure as it struggles back to life after pandemic shutdowns and are putting civilians on the front lines of an invisible conflict likely to defy quick fixes to lessen the threat.

Take Action: Demand funding for zero emission transit and busses immediately!

US donation of 750,000 vaccine doses to Taiwan seen as major provocation in China
President Biden pledged US support to the Taiwanese after the self-ruled island complained that China is hindering its efforts to secure vaccines as it battles a deadly outbreak.

Liz Cheney calls Trump inciting Capitol riot “the most dangerous thing” a president has done
The Wyoming congresswoman compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of the Chinese Communist Party, arguing that his casting doubt on the federal election system was comparable to efforts by the group to discredit American democracy.

On behalf of white farmers, Trump allies wage legal war against equity

Black and Hispanic farmers are finally set to receive equitable federal assistance from the Biden administration, prompting bogus calls of “reverse racism” from a swath of GOP-aligned white farmers who’ve historically received the lion’s share of federal farming subsidies.

Take Action: Pass the Equality Act for PRIDE Month!

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace grilled Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for “being naive” about bipartisanship in his filibuster stance
When a Fox News anchor calls you out for kowtowing to the GOP, you’ve probably definitely gone too far.

Energy secretary backs ban on ransomware payments: “You are encouraging the bad actors”
Secretary Jennifer Granholm warned that paying ransom only emboldens hackers and said private companies need to take responsibility and, for the good of the country, tell the government when they are attacked.

Pope Francis expresses sorrow but no apology for indigenous school deaths in Canada
The pontiff also never explicitly apologized for the church’s role in the forced reeducation of more than 150,000 indigenous children, who were taken from their homes over a period of 150 years during the 19th and 20th centuries, forced to abandon their culture, and become Christian.

Vaccination rates plummet in US, putting Biden’s July 4 goal in doubt
The US is now administering fewer than 1 million shots a day on average, a more than two-thirds decline from peak distribution rates of 3.4 million per day in April.



In other news…


Today’s Action: It’s time to test the filibuster.

A few weeks ago, Republicans issued their first filibuster of the year, blocking an independent commission of the January 6th attack on the Capital. But it won’t be their last. Coming up: shutting down every major Democratic Congressional priority, despite our majority in the Senate.

The founding fathers never envisioned minority rule in Congress, and the filibuster – which currently requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote – only came into vogue during the past century to block civil rights and preserve white supremacy, first by Southern Democrats and later by all Republicans.

The filibuster has long stymied our ability to pass major, positive, and popular legislation at a federal level and nearly every Democrat in Congress now understands this as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to block the entire Democratic agenda, including those bills Republicans have helped write.

Call or email your Senators and demand the end of Mitch McConnell’s favorite tool for obstruction, the filibuster, which is NOT Constitutionally mandated.

To prove how badly the filibuster needs to go, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will be putting the filibuster to the test this month by forcing votes on popular pieces of legislation that have broad support even among Republican voters.

This week, we’ll be covering some of those upcoming votes. But for now, we’ll just say this: if you think LGBTQ+ people deserve equal rights, if you think women deserve equal pay, if you’d like to finally see some gun safety legislation, and if you believe in stopping climate change…you are going to want to eliminate the filibuster NOW.

Email or call your Senators and demand the end of obstructionist minority rule: eliminate the filibuster.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Joe Manchin to stop doing Republicans’ bidding, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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