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Top Stories for June 21:

Missouri GOP Senate candidate calls on Trumpers to hunt down establishment Republicans

Eric Greitens, who resigned as governor for beating his wife and kids, launched an ad calling on Republicans to hunt GOP sellouts — while holding a gun, surrounded by soldiers.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to pass red flag laws to take guns away from potential mass shooters!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican on 1/6 committee says Trump guilty of “criminal conspiracy”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Trump’s role in the coup attempt “rises to a level of criminal involvement by a president,” and that Republicans who lie to their constituents shouldn’t run for Congress.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department indict Trump’s election steal lawyer John Eastman!

Gun reform. Abortion rights. The very survival of our democracy. All we hold dear is in critical danger from Republican extremists

OD Action Partner: The Brennan Center for Justice is leading the charge for free and fair elections. Can you chip in to help save our rights?

Uvalde cops armed with assault rifles and ballistic shield waited nearly an hour before “storming” classroom
The latest revelation only deepens questions about why cops armed with heavy firepower and tactical gear didn’t act faster to stop the lone shooter who murderered 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas last month.

Uvalde parents demand police chief’s resignation at heated board meeting
The monthly school board meeting arrived less than a month after the horrific massacre, and parents and community members let their grief-stricken voices be heard.

Take Action: Tell Google to delete data to protect abortion seekers!

Georgia’s top election official to testify before 1/6 committee

Brad Raffensperger is prepared to testify in today’s live hearings about how then-President Trump pressured him to illegally nullify Joe Biden’s win in the crucial swing state.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act!

1/6 House committee subpoenas Trump’s documentary filmmaker for newly discovered tapes
Alex Holder, a documentary filmmaker who had extensive access to Trump and his cronies for months during and after the 2020 election, is expected to fullly cooperate with the panel.

Take Action: Prosecute Trump and his insurrectionist cronies for seditious conspiracy!

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Award-winning police officer embroiled in anti-Semitic probe
Cleveland Police Department’s 2019 “Officer of The Year” is under investigation for anti-Semitic social media posts attributed to him, including “Let me salute Hitler the Great” and “F*ck that Jew” about an Israeli basketball player.

Wealthiest Trump 2020 donors defecting to Ron DeSantis
The Florida governor’s recent fundraising haul from one-time Trump donors teases what could be an incredibly bitter Republican primary in 2024.

Israeli Parliament set to dissolve as new elections loom
The fragile coalition of liberal, right-wing, and even Muslim Arab parties that successfully ousted the corrupt Benjamin Netanyahu has fractured just over a year after it formed.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signs historic voter rights bill into law
The landmark John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act is designed to prevent local officials from implementing rules that could suppress citizens’ voting rights on racial grounds.


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Today’s Action: Get out the vote in the primaries!

There are four primaries taking place TODAY — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Virginia. We all know the biggest enemies of progress in America are Republicans, but it’s also been painfully clear that just a few bad Democrats can muck a LOT of things up for all of us. This is our chance to do something about it — to not just elect any Democrats, but to reshape the party with real progressives to advance our legislative priorities!

If you live in one of the four states voting TODAY and don’t yet have a plan to vote, make yours now. If you have friends in those states, call them and cajole them to the polls! Find out when your own state’s primaries will be held, and identify your current polling place here. It is absolutely critical to show up this year — and every year — to build a truly progressive future.

Every. Vote. Matters. Check your voter registration status and polling place to ensure you’re prepared for upcoming primaries and the midterms — and tell your network of like-minded friends and family to do the same on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at the park, in the bleachers, in the pews, at the dinner table, and anywhere else you can!

No matter how unpopular Trump and the GOP seem to be, Americans are still dealing with extreme income inequality, incessant voter suppression schemes, relentless attacks on reproductive care, and the demonization of marginalized communities, because corrupt Republicans are regularly joined by a few bad-faith Democrats. Fortunately, we have some amazing progressives running for office this year. But they can’t win if we don’t show up.

If you have free time today, sign up for a Wednesday shift registering Wisconsin voters to encourage participation in their upcoming primary!

Every meaningful electoral victory shares a common thread: progressives turning out in full force on Election Day.

Check your voter registration status at and make sure you’re ready to do your part in upcoming primaries and the midterms to win Congress and more. Then, share away on social media!


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