GOP Senators’ 2016 letter debunks Trump’s Ukraine claim

Demand a REAL investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct and perjury!


Today’s Top Stories:

Trump’s Biden-Ukraine conspiracy falls apart as 2016 letter signed by GOP Senators resurfaces

The new development completely undercuts Trump’s baseless attack on his Democratic rival.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump publicly invites China to interfere in US election

The crime on national television stunned the globe.

Take Action: Demand Trump end his ill-thought trade war with China that is hurting American families

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Texts detail top U.S. diplomat’s concerns about Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo
The evidence continues to mount against the corrupt president.

Ukraine’s ex-president wrecks Trump’s Biden narrative: He never asked me to close cases
The president’s smear campaign against his political rival has hit a brick wall due to former president Poroshenko.

Irony is dead: Pence demands investigation into Biden for profiting from his office
As millions of taxpayer and campaign dollars flow into Trump and his family’s pockets, his vice president is pointing investigators elsewhere.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes.

Trump floats the idea of being president for sixteen more years during unhinged Florida appearance
The president lashed out at Democrats as “maniacs” before engaging in some disturbing reelection rhetoric.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

OD Action Pick: The easily digestible guide from the brilliant George Lakoff is a must-read for any Democrat looking to get our country on track.

Trump spoke to China about Biden on June call stored on same secure server as Ukraine notes
The news about the president’s conversation with Chinese leader XI Jinping about the former Vice President and Senator Warren comes on a day when he says he’ll think about seeking China’s help with his political investigations.

Congressional Democrats send letter to FBI Director demanding NRA-Trump bribery probe
Thursday, Reps. Ted Lieu and Kathleen Rice wrote Director Wray to alert him of the potential “high crime.”

Pelosi rebuts GOP call to end Trump impeachment inquiry
The House’s top Republican asked for an end to the inquiry even as more incriminating evidence against Trump came out. It did not go well.

A far-right conspiracy theorist tried to smear Elizabeth Warren. Her response shut it down
Jacob Wohl, a conservative activist, has a history of making false claims of lewd allegations against perceived enemies of Trump.


Today’s Action: Tell your state to adopt California’s climate standards

“You can’t get serious about climate change unless you get serious about vehicle emissions.”

So said California Governor Gavin Newsom about Trump’s latest attack against climate change efforts, when Trump stripped California’s waiver for the ability to set our country’s strongest statewide auto-emission standards above and beyond federal levels.

Californians buy more cars than any other state in the nation, meaning many automakers adopt their standards, making it vital that they implement strong clean air policies. But Trump’s motivations are clear: big oil is making a fuss about climate change policy and Trump will do everything in his power to make them happy.

Call or email your Governor and tell them to adopt California’s standards for vehicle emissions, as a strong statement against Trump’s attempt to roll them back. And if you live in one of the 13 states that has already matched California’s standards, thank your Governor and urge them to stand firm against Trump’s sabotage.

More than 20 percent of U.S. greenhouse emissions come from vehicle usage. Which makes California’s standards (and the national standard, which followed suit) of an average fuel economy of 54.6 miles per gallon by 2025 so necessary. Trump, on the other hand, wants to roll this back to 37 miles per gallon…literally an attempt to force us all to pay more for fuel and pollute the air in the process to pay his billionaire friends.

California has vowed to fight back, and has been joined by nearly two dozen other states in the lawsuit. As consumers and voters, we can’t help with the lawsuit… but we can help with urging our governors to match California’s emission standards, making clear to Trump that he’s not just facing off against a handful of states but an entire nation of voters.

Email or call your Governor and demand they bring your state to California emission standards, to fight Trump’s big oil efforts. And if your state has already adopted this standard, urge your Governor to stand firm and fight Trump’s attempt to roll it back.

P.S. Fridays for Future climate change rallies are today and every Friday going forward. Join millions of global citizens in this weekly protest!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for a real investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct and perjury, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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