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Top Stories for May 4:

Karma strikes: far-right Republican Robert Regan suffers humiliating faceplant in heavily red state House district

The man who made headlines with his appalling comments about telling his daughters that “if rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” just handed Democrats a key pickup.

Take Action: Call on Congress to pass a law protecting abortion access, no matter what the Supreme Court says!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene just got shredded by lawmaker in her OWN party on live TV

On Face the Nation, the extremist lawmaker had to face her declining status in her own party.

Take Action: Tell Democrats: No donations from PACs and companies that support insurrectionists!

White supremacists are harassing, doxxing, and sending death threats to our kids’ teachers just for being who they are

Southern Poverty Law Center: SPLC is fighting to stop the spread of online hate and keep our teachers safe, but they need your help!

Water is so low in the Colorado River, feds are holding some back so one dam can keep generating power
Lake Powell’s water level is currently at an elevation of 3,523 feet. If the level drops below 3,490 feet, the so-called minimum power pool, the Glen Canyon Dam, which supplies electricity for about 5.8 million customers in the inland West, will no longer be able to generate electricity.

Take Action: Sign to support the EPA’s emission regulations for heavy duty trucking!

Joe Manchin refuses to abolish filibuster to save abortion rights in America
If Roe v. Wade is overturned by SCOUTS, abolishing the filibuster and codifying the right to abortion into law is the only way to save abortion rights in America — and our favorite Democrat just slammed the door on that prospect.

Take Action: Call on Democrats to fight back against Republican extremism!

Elizabeth Warren makes headlines with powerful speech in wake of leaked SCOTUS draft decision on Roe V. Wade

“The United States Supreme Court thinks they can impose their extremist views on all the women in this country, and they are wrong,” thundered the Massachusetts Senator.

Legal experts call BS on McConnell’s demand for criminal charges in SCOTUS leak
The irate Senate Minority Leader is out for blood now that the Court he stacked with right-wing extremists has had their dark plans leaked — but unfortunately for him, no crimes have been committed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces career-ending scandal

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Uh oh.

Rep. Tim Ryan wins Democratic Senate primary in Ohio, the AP says
Tim Ryan will be facing off against evil right-wing billionaire Peter Thiel’s acolyte, J.D. Vance, in a race that could have huge implications for control of the Senate and thus the future of this country as we know it.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to save the last anti-abortion Democrat as Roe v. Wade looks doomed
The ideological dissonance in the Democratic Party is on full display in the primary for Texas’ 28th district, where Dem leadership is throwing its weight behind the last anti-choice Democrat in the House.

Watchdog group says Trump DHS chief altered reports on Russian election interference to shield Trump
The watchdog’s office said it interviewed an individual in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) “who told us the Acting Secretary asked the product be held because it made President Trump look bad and hurt President Trump’s campaign — the concept that Russia was denigrating candidate Biden would be used against President Trump.”

Trump loses bid to stay New York contempt of court order and avoid $10K daily fine
Womp womp.


Climate apocalypse now

Uh, excuse me?


Today’s Action: Sign up to be an election worker!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, America has faced an extreme shortage of poll workers. Not long before the pandemic began, Donald Trump was pushing his supporters to sign up as poll workers to disrupt the 2020 election, agitated by a bevy of wild conspiracies. Many precincts were already struggling to recruit enough poll workers, leading to long lines and the closure of voting locations. This was particularly true in communities of color, and it’s one of the many factors impeding truly representative election results.

The Republican Party’s strategy for clinging to power has long included denying the votes of those who would reject GOP candidates. From passing ID laws that discriminate against minorities and the poor to closing down polling locations in low-income areas, the GOP has worked relentlessly to squash dissenting voices that would vote them out. It is absolutely critical that progressives protect and promote every citizen’s right and ability to vote, and ensure that the people working the polls are doing so in service of protecting our democracy. On Election Day, a knowledgeable and helpful poll worker is often the difference between a successfully cast ballot and a disenfranchised citizen.

Donald Trump has long called on his supporters to sign up to be election workers and corrupt the process, which is why Democratic poll workers are more necessary than ever. Read the qualifications for each state’s sign-up process and get in the game today!

For millions of voters, expediency is paramount. Many lower-income Americans simply cannot afford to take extra time off of work or pay for childcare only to stand in long lines at understaffed polling centers. Furthermore, if you speak more than one language, chances are there are voters in your community who could use your help — people who otherwise may be turned away or decide not to vote without the help of a translator.

Simply put, your participation as a poll worker will make a massive difference in the upcoming elections.

Read over your state’s rules for becoming a poll worker, and sign up today!


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