Greta Thunberg embarrasses Trump after he trolls her

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Demand USDA reverse Trump's cruel changes to food assistance that will make Americans starve!


Today’s Top Stories:

Greta Thunberg claps back at Trump’s demand she “chill” with Twitter bio troll

The defiant young climate activist saw the president’s angry tweet and immediately turned them back on him.

Take Action: Tell Melania Trump if she wants to combat cyberbullying, start with her husband!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace issues scathing rebuke of Trump at public forum

Even the star anchor of Trump’s propaganda machine slammed him in no uncertain terms.

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Check out this week’s episode: New corruption revelations bode worse for Republicans than impeachment

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Judiciary Committee postpone vote on articles of impeachment after marathon debate
The historic vote will be held Friday morning.

Take Action: Tell the courts to reject Trump’s absurd argument against complying with an impeachment inquiry!

Mike Huckabee begins FOX News messaging campaign justifying Trump’s eligibility for a third term
The former Arkansas governor set off alarm bells across social media this afternoon with his deeply disturbing announcement.

Pence’s top Europe aide submits classified info about VP’s phone call with Ukraine prez to impeachment inquiry
The Vice-President was drawn deeper into the impeachment inquiry with this last-minute addition to the record by one of his top aides.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes

Donald Trump Jr. went to Mongolia, got special treatment from the government and killed an endangered sheep
During a summer 2019 hunting trip, Donald Trump Jr. killed a rare argali sheep. The Mongolian government issued him a hunting permit retroactively and he met with the country’s president.

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Trump claims he’s had a “very busy day” after spending the morning tweeting and retweeting over 100 times
The president bragged about his work ethic at a White House function today, but his Twitter timeline tells a very different story…

Kentucky’s Republican ex-Governor Bevin’s pardons include convicted killer whose brother hosted campaign fundraiser for him
His corruption continued to his final days in office.

Texas Republican kicks off congressional campaign in the wrong district and in violation of U.S. military code
Holding his event out of the district he wants to represent, McLendon violated Navy regulations by wearing a uniform at a political event.

House passes Pelosi-backed drug pricing bill
Even as Republicans shout that Democrats should be legislating not impeaching, Democrats are passing bills to help the American people.


Today’s Action: Help win elections in 2020 Super States

The Iowa caucuses are less than eight weeks away…and in the rush of the holiday season, they’re going to be four weeks away before you know it.

We’ll soon see the first official results of an already year-long Democratic primary campaign. As the race continues, getting folks registered to vote – and motivated to vote – couldn’t be more crucial… because a voter who turns out for the primaries is much more likely to turn out on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

SwingLeft has identified 12 “Super States” that each need extra support from volunteers around the country. Some are presidential battlegrounds, others our best shot of getting the Senate out of the claws of Mitch McConnell and Republicans. Still more need support cracking through GOP gerrymandering to free up House seats, boost reproductive rights and LGBTQ protections, enact gun violence prevention, and more.

Commit to one of SwingLeft’s Super States for targeted voter registration volunteer activities, whether in-person or remote, before the holidays hit! Choose the state you’re passionate about, or browse the states for issues closest to your heart. Either way, get a voter registration event on the calendar NOW before the holiday rush fills your calendar.

The twelve Super States are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. The truly exciting part of this list is seeing historically red regions turning purple. And with our recent Democratic successes in Virginia and Kentucky, it’s easy to visualize a similar path ahead for southern states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas.

But Virginia and Kentucky — and Kansas and Louisiana and Wisconsin and more for that matter — elected Democrats thanks to countless efforts by volunteers around the country, knocking on doors and sending letters to register voters, for months leading up to election day. So, we must put in the time NOW to get to the finish line next November.

If we choose to do nothing, we choose to accept another four years of Trump. And that choice is unacceptable.

Sign up to register Democratic voters in the 12 Super States, whether you’re in-person, at a local event, or from the comfort of your own home. This is how we defeat Trump, take back the Senate, and unleash the power of Democratic values. Commit to it now, before the holidays arrive!

PS: It’s Friday! Which means somewhere near you is a Fridays For Future rally, Swedish climate activist (and TIME Person of the Year!) Greta Thunberg’s global movement to campaign for progressive climate policy. No event near you? Initiate one!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on USDA to reverse Trump’s cruel changes to food assistance that will make Americans starve, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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