Gulf of Mexico catches on fire

Tell Congress: no climate action, no infrastructure bill!


Top Stories for July 3:

The Gulf of Mexico catches on fire after oil pipeline leak

A fire broke out in the southern waters of the Gulf of Mexico Friday after an underwater pipeline leaked, sending the internet ablaze with horror as videos of flames spewing out of the ocean went viral. But tell me again how windmills are unpleasant.

Take Action: Demand Democrats include REAL climate action in the infrastructure reconciliation bill!

Rand Paul attacks Charles Booker on “racial” lines one day after the progressive star announced his candidacy
Rand Paul is a racist, and he’s betting big that the majority of Kentuckians are too.

Take Action: Take Action: Endorse progressive star Charles Booker’s campaign to take down Rand Paul!

Manchin makes STUNNING move on For The People Act

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa!

Biden unveils process to allow deported veterans to return to the US
They served our country, and Republicans kicked them out. Biden is righting the wrong.

Jen Psaki uses a FOX News report to shut down FOX reporter’s gotcha question
Peter Doocey thought he had an ace up his sleeve — but was entirely unprepared for Psaki’s hand.

Eric Trump and Don Jr. argue that people cheat on their taxes all the time so it’s no big deal
That’s the best they could come up with.

Alabama Democratic state rep’s house shot 23 times in early morning attack
Police say it “does not appear to be a random act.”

Take Action: Tell DOJ: No white supremacists in federal law enforcement!

Capitol rioter accompanied members of Congress on trip to US-Mexico border

They tried to violently overthrow America’s democratically elected government. Now they have Republican friends in Congress.

Take Action: Tell Google: Remove white supremacist and Nazi content from Google Podcasts

Michael Cohen says Trump Organization’s charges are “tip of the iceberg” and there’s more to come
The disgraced ex-president’s former fixer knows where the bodies are buried and he isn’t planning to keep it to himself.

Biden backs removing sexual assault cases from military chain of command
For decades the military has been shielding sexual predators in its ranks from accountability. The president plans to put a stop to it.

Take Action: Add your name to call on Congress to end America’s massive backlog of untested rape kits!

Sha’Carri Richardson, a US track sensation, tests positive for marijuana, could miss the Tokyo Olympics
The Black American could be denied her shot for a substance that is legal in much of the country and not performance enhancing.

Of course…

What in the law?!


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