Call for Clarence Thomas' wife to testify about her involvement in Trump's insurrection!


Top Stories for March 15:

Ginni Thomas acknowledges she attended 1/6 rally

Serious ethical questions arise after the right-wing extremist wife of a Supreme Court justice admitted she was bumping shoulders with insurrectionists.

Take Action: Ban insurrectionists from running for public office, including Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Fox News correspondent just rebuked a Fox opinion host live on air

Sparks are flying at the right-wing network as the news section takes offense at the absurd propaganda pushed by the “opinion” sections.

Republicans pull DISGUSTING stunt over gas price increases

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Protester with “No War” sign walks onto Russian state TV set
The courageous Marina Ovsyannikova was an employee at Russia’s flagship state TV channel. She now faces years in prison for telling Russians to not buy into the propaganda.

Take Action: We stand against Putin’s flagrant war crimes against Ukraine!

Manchin, Collins opposition likely dooms Biden’s Fed nominee Raskin
So-called “Democrat” Joe Manchin once against backstabbed the president by publicly opposing a nominee for the Federal Reserve — a job she has already held in the past.

Take Action: Call on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to put an end to junk fees extorting billions from American families!

US charges Russian oligarch with making illegal political donations
Russian tycoon Andrey Muraviev has been pushing millions of dollars into Republican war chests to worm his way into the American marijuana market.

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop wealthy Americans from dodging TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in estate and gift taxes!

Eric Trump claims Donald would have stopped the Ukraine war by using his “great relationship” with Putin

The delusional failson apparently believes that his father’s “great relationship” — in reality an obsequious boot-licking — with the Russian dictator is all that would have been needed to keep the peace.

What treason is Jim Jordan trying to hide from the public?

OD Action partner: We now know for a fact that Jim Jordan was deeply involved with the insurrection, sending messages to the coup plotters in the White House — and now he’s refusing to talk. Working man and army-vet Jeff Sites is running for Congress to kick insurrectionist Jim Jordan out of office.

67-year-old Asian woman punched 125 times in brutal hate crime
The latest victim of America’s rampant Sinophobia is thankfully in stable condition. The attack was caught on video and the perpetrator has been arrested.

Idaho House passes Texas-style abortion ban
Yet another red state has passed a vigilante-style abortion ban that empowers hateful Republicans to personally carry out repression.

Koch Industries continues doing business in Russia
The industrial empire that fuels the corrupting flow of dark money into America has — surprise! — no compunctions about working with the Russians as they ravage Ukraine.

Chicago Police Department’s plan for 1.5 million “positive’”interactions with residents “deeply problematic,” AG says
The Chicago PD’s plan to make nice with the communities they brutalize was discovered to be a rubber-stamp, untransparent quota system that encourages officers to see people as statistics.


Meanwhile, in Europe



Today’s Action: Tell your senators to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson!

Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson are set to begin next week, and Trump lackeys in the US Senate are predictably drumming up bad-faith “concerns” with the historic, highly qualified nominee. Right-wing operatives and Republican officeholders alike are circulating baseless allegations of extremism — a tired, cynical tactic deployed to stymie numerous nominees put forward by President Biden for other prominent positions in the federal government.

Because Judge Jackson has been nominated to the high court by a Democratic president, she will almost certainly face brutal, antagonistic treatment from Republican senators eager to derail her historic nomination and showcase their far-right, pro-Trump bonafides on a national stage. The hypocrisy is obvious. Sen. Lindsey Graham — who voted just last year to confirm Judge Jackson to her current US circuit court seat — immediately began complaining that “the radical Left” had “won President Biden over yet again.” Republican opposition to Jackson’s groundbreaking appointment to the Supreme Court will be loud, duplicitous, and unified. We need ALL 50 Democratic senators on board to confirm Judge Jackson to the high court.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and demand they confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson without delay!

Judge Jackson’s qualifications are sterling. A former public defender, editor of the Harvard Law Review, and one-time clerk for the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, she’s been endorsed by a wide range of supporters, including 850 women law professors AND the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents 400,000 members in the US law enforcement community.

As it stands, the Supreme Court is highly unrepresentative of the American people, thanks in part to Republican trickery and the fast-track confirmations of three justices nominated by ex-President Trump. Conservatives across the country, emboldened by the radically imbalanced court, are systematically disenfranchising marginalized communities and denying women access to critical healthcare. The risks of the far-right stranglehold on the high court do not end there — key priorities like climate initiatives, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and election integrity are also in mortal danger.

Judge Jackson is an exceptional, supremely qualified nominee. She belongs on the high court!

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and tell them it’s time to confirm the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, the honorable Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition call for Clarence Thomas’ wife to testify about her involvement in Trump’s insurrection, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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