House Republicans honor Rittenhouse with disgusting offer

Remove the right wing judge who deliberately botched Kyle Rittenhouse's trial!


Top Stories for November 20:

Republicans celebrate Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict by competing to offer him an internship

Do Republicans stand for anything beyond violence at this point?

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop violent white supremacists like Kyle Rittenhouse from buying military grade weapons!

Top Democrat Tim Ryan just destroyed the dumbest Republican lie in ONE minute.

The Ohio Democrat got fed up with GOP misinformation and unleashed a blockbuster speech.

Prosecutor slams Trump team for ignoring subpoenas

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Kamala Harris becomes first woman to hold U.S. presidential reins as Biden undergoes procedure
The vice president made history by controlling the vast powers of the American presidency for 85 minutes as Joe Biden was anesthetized for a routine procedure.

Here’s what’s in Biden’s $1.85 trillion Build Back Better Build
From universal Pre-K to Medicare expansion to affordable housing, this legislation is going to change countless lives for the better.

Take Action: Tell President Biden and Congress to cancel student debt!

Fox News host melts down when asked about his network’s vax mandate
Pete Hegseth lost his cool during a conversation with Mediate and quickly resorted to insulting both the individual interviewing him and the outlet running the interview.

Biden reacts to Rittenhouse verdict: “The jury system works, and we have to abide by it”

The president refused to let any possible personal feelings about the outcome weigh down his measured message.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, and Lauren Boebert’s extremism costing them support from their voters

United Rural Democrats: New extremists in Congress are taking their districts for granted while delivering nothing for them. United Rural Democrats are organizing on the ground to shock Republicans by winning back Middle America. But they need your help!

FDA authorizes COVID-19 booster shots for all US adults
The Food and Drug Administration has given the OK for fully vaccinated Americans age 18 and older to receive a vaccine booster shot.

Take Action: Demand the Senate confirm President Biden’s FCC nominees who will restore Net Neutrality!

AOC roasts “imbecile” Kevin McCarthy over his painfully long speech
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy beclowned himself in front of the entire world while opposing the passage of the Build Back Better Bill — and Democrats delighted in mocking him.

Trump peddling signed picture books for $230 a pop
At least we know he’ll be able to read it. Probably.

Army bars vaccine refusers from promotions and reenlistment
As its vax deadline approaches, the service will begin barring soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 without an exemption from reenlistment, promotions, and other “favorable personnel actions.”



Yes, seriously.


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