Huckabee Sanders gets roasted to her face at WHCD

Trump's HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, is screwing over poor Americans by jacking up their rent. Fire him now!


Today’s Top Stories:

White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump and his spokeswoman get brutally roasted at White House Correspondents Dinner
Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders squirm as the comedian humiliates her to her face.

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan gives a rare, brutal smackdown to Trump on Twitter
Yesterday, Trump insulted ex-NSA chief James Clapper. Now, Brennan came to his defense in epic fashion.

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Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

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Trump tweet

Trump demands that a sitting Senator resign for a ludicrous reason
His dictatorial demand is cause for serious alarm.

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Rachel Maddow weighs in on Joy Reid controversy with epic response
The fellow MSNBC host lit up social media with her brilliant remarks.

Take Action: Find out what you can do to support the transgender community and let Trump know you do not support his discriminating policies.

Trump insults Paralympians at the White House. The Paralympics’ response is spot on
They heard his disgusting remarks and quickly struck back.

A 24-hour Waffle House locks out a Black woman because they were “closed” (WATCH)
Their shameful behavior got caught on camera for all to see.

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Only You Can Prevent Fascism

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Sunday’s funnies:

Simpsons clip

Sarah Sanders funnie

Vote funnie

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