Impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection!

“…our incredible journey is only just beginning.” – President Trump to his supporters, a day after inciting a violent coup attempt and 13 days before leaving office.

He must not remain in office a moment longer. Trump has rejected democracy time and time again, refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power upon the loss of the election, crying wolf on non-existent voter fraud to keep his base feeling victimized, urging violent white supremacist groups to “stand back and stand by” for his signal. On January 6th, he gave that signal, and his minions responded horrifically.

Sign here to demand Congress immediately moves forward with impeachment proceedings and removes Trump from the presidency for acts of sedition.

Congress blocked, federal property ransacked, and five people dead (and surely countless more when the consequences of this violent superspreader event runs its pandemic course.) An armed mob of thousands, abetted by complicit Capitol law enforcement, commanded by President Trump to “fight” to win back the presidency. 

It’s treason. It’s an insurrection. It’s a literal, physical attack on our democracy. And it must not stand unanswered another day. 

Add your name to tell Congress you support impeaching Trump for inciting an insurrection. This dangerous tyrant must be ejected immediately.


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