Ivanka sets off a firestorm with ill-thought tweet

Tell the Senate to stop Trump's trans military ban from going into effect!


Today’s Action: Tell your Members of Congress to READ the Mueller Report

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Ivanka Trump accidentally sets off a firestorm with an ill-considered tweet

Social media immediately began barraging the First Daughter in excitement after she made a huge mistake.

Take Action: Jared Kushner is a threat to national security. Demand Trump’s son-in-law’s clearance be revoked!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gets humiliated by Irish Prime Minister’s epic interruption

The Irish Prime Minister interrupts Trump in epic fashion. Trump was NOT expecting this…

Wind turbines do not cause cancer. But pollution from the fossil fuel industry does.

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Trump announces plans to hijack the 4th of July celebration and give a MAGA speech
Instead of celebrating this country and the freedoms we enjoy, the president has far more selfish plans.

Take Action: Demand Trump take responsibility for his hateful rhetoric and stop inciting violent attacks!

Trump tries to explain his plummeting poll numbers and gets shredded by Twitter

Flailing for an explanation for why he isn’t polling higher, the president landed on a laughable explanation.

Take Action: Tell the House to launch an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump!

Senate Republicans threaten “shocking rebellion” against Trump over his chaotic behavior
A new report in Politico exposed a deepening rift in the GOP that threatens to engulf the president.

Trump gets publicly humiliated after the Irish Prime Minister schools him on live TV
The president tried to pretend like he knew what he was talking about, but Leo Varadkar saw right through him.

Trump reignites his feud with Meghan Markle and viciously trashed her on British TV
The president couldn’t help himself as he insulted the Duchess of Sussex for the second time this week.

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Today’s Action: Tell your Members of Congress to READ the Mueller Report

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Republican Representative Justin Amash (MI-3) have two things in common: they’ve both read the full Mueller report, and they’re both calling for impeachment.

Amash believes one more thing: that those not calling for impeachment are doing so because they haven’t read the full report, dissuaded and placated by Attorney General William Barr’s deliberate misrepresentation of the findings.

A two-year investigation into the highest office of the land? Yeah, that seems like something our elected officials should actually see for themselves, even the redacted public version.

Email or call your Members of Congress, and ask whether your Senators and Representative have read the (redacted) report in its entirety for themselves. And if you get any answer besides “yes,” tell them anything less than “yes” is unacceptable.

The Washington Post thinks Amash might be onto something. The newspaper surveyed the members of the Congressional Judicial and Intelligence Committees, and found that 3 out of 10 (mostly Republicans) declined to answer the question of “did you read the full report?”

These committees are those most heavily involved with possible impeachment proceedings – so the remaining members of Congress are even less likely to have read Mueller’s report, relying instead on Barr’s summary (AKA Barr’s defensive, evasive love-letter for Trump).

It is truly a bare-minimum request that every Member of Congress read Mueller’s report for themselves if they are to actually represent the American people. Because if they can’t do that, what other basic facts are they choosing to ignore?

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress, and tell them to read the full public Mueller report. Ask if they have finished it yet…and if not, remind them that we elected them to do a job, not outsource it.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell the Senate to stop Trump’s trans military ban from going into effect, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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