Ivanka tweet causes new alarm over Trump’s Turkey ties

Tell the Senate to stop Trump's gag rule against women's health!


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Today’s Top Stories:

Ivanka Trump tweet surfaces, raises new concerns about Trump’s financial ties to Turkey

In the tweet from 2012, the president’s daughter brags about their relationship with Turkish President Erdoğan.

Take Action: Enough nepotism! Stop Trump giving Ivanka and Jared important jobs they have no qualifications for.

Nicolle Wallace: Trump seals his impeachment fate in the Senate

This week, the president’s corrupt incompetence proved to much even for the Republican Senators who stood as a firewall against his ouster.

Take Action: Check out the latest episode of the new hit podcast Democratica from OD Action’s founder, in which hosts unplack the politics of impeachment and why it is unlikely to backfire.

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National Security Council official reveals details of Trump call with Turkish president: Trump got “rolled” and “has no spine”
An anonymous official with direct knowledge of the call between the two leaders aired the president’s dirty laundry for all to see.

Fox News’s Political Editor on Trump impeachment inquiry: “The president confessed on television.”

The Republican president’s favorite television network had some tough love for its MAGA-loving viewers.

Take Action: Tell House Democrats not to let up. Trump must be impeached!

Trump tells our Kurdish allies they have to “figure it out” as he opens door for their ethnic cleansing
President Trump took to Twitter on Monday for a wild rant justifying his decision to betray our allies and allow Turkey to invade Syria.

Democrats weigh “extraordinary” steps to protect whistleblower’s identity from Republican betrayal
With Trump allies on key committees, whistleblowers are in danger from the very people charged with writing and defending the laws that protect them.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety!

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

OD Action Pick: The easily digestible guide from the brilliant George Lakoff is a must-read for any Democrat looking to get our country on track.

The ex-U.S. envoy to anti-ISIS coalition rips Trump: He’s “not a Commander-in-Chief”
One of our nation’s top diplomats called out the President for his appalling display of cowardice.

Federal judge to Trump: Yes, a sitting president can be indicted
In the decision, the judge presiding over Trump’s tax return case challenged his get out of jail free charge.

Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of “treason” and demands she be immediately impeached
The president escalated his attacks on the House Speaker in disturbing fashion.

Showdown over LGBTQ employment rights hits Supreme Court
Trump wants to undo President Obama’s protections against discrimination and the conservative high court will decide.

Take Action: Contact your state and federal representatives and tell them to stand up for LGBTQ rights and protections from discrimination.

Support for impeachment soars to 58-38 in Washington Post poll
For the first time, Trump’s impeachment inquiry is favored by a clear majority and rising.


Today’s Action: Attend an impeachment event and thank your Rep

What a week it’s been in Impeachment Land! Trump, looking to justify his covered-up request to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son in exchange for Congressional aid funding, publicly called on China to investigate as well, new whistleblowers. And Democrats have unearthed text messages between administration employees which strengthen suspicions of Trump’s financial and impeachable misdeeds.

The House is now on recess through October 15. With our Reps home for the week, we need to be hard at work keeping the impeachment momentum moving forward. Three actions to take today:

  1. Call or email your Representative:
    • If your Representative has already publicly supported impeachment proceedings, they need to be thanked – and encouraged to pursue a thorough, robust, and timely investigation.
    • If your Representative is opposed or undecided, they need to hear from voters now more than ever. Remember, the list that now support impeachment proceedings didn’t happen overnight … in fact, it has taken two years to slowly build to majority, starting with the moment Trump fired FBI Director James Comey over the Russia investigation. That shift is thanks to diligent and unrelenting activism by voters, including the OD Action community.
  2. Call or email your Senators and remind them that, if Trump is impeached by the House, their duty will be to hold a fair and just trial – and if not, they will be personally responsible for keeping a criminal in the White House.
  3. And no matter who your Members of Congress are, or their party membership, it’s more powerful if stated in-person – attend an event or create one at Impeach Now! Speaking with your Members of Congress face-to-face not only allows you direct access but also allows you to gain media attention and record the interaction to share over social media.

With impeachment on the table, recess doesn’t mean time off for anyone. This isn’t going to be a fast, easy process…but nothing worth doing ever is. If anything ever was, impeaching Donald Trump is worth doing.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the Senate to stop Trump’s gag rule against women’s health, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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