Ivanka’s ex-best friend airs Trump’s dirty laundry

Demand Mitch McConnell stop blocking the pandemic relief bill that the American people desperately need!


Top Stories for November 18:

Ivanka’s ex-best friend airs dirty laundry about her farts, racism

The First Daughter’s former confidant shared reprehensible secrets for the whole nation to hear.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Obama sets Trump straight over refusal to concede

The former president gave the outgoing oval office occupant an elementary lesson in public service.

Take Action: Demand Trump’s admin give Biden’s transition team the access REQUIRED BY LAW!

Trump’s last-ditch election lawsuits CRUMBLE

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Things just went from bad to worse for him.

Trump fires head of election cybersecurity who debunked his baseless conspiracy theories
CISA Director Christopher Krebs had recently butted heads with the White House over his agency’s Rumor Control blog, which rebuts false claims of election fraud and hacking.

Take Action: Nobody off the hook — Hold Trump and his enablers accountable for their crimes!

Lindsey Graham tries to defend himself from alleged election-fixing scandal as backlash grows

The South Carolina senator tried to weather the firestorm of outrage, but his excuses left much to be desired.

Wayne Co., Michigan canvassers certify election results after corrupt GOP bid to derail process
Board Vice Chairman Jonathan Kinloch, a Democrat, called the initial decision to block certification by the two Republicans on the board “reckless and irresponsible.”

Giuliani allegedly demands $20k a day from Trump for “legal fees”
The ultimate scammer is getting scammed.

Democratic senate candidate Jon Ossoff ties GOP Sen. David Perdue to Lindsey Graham’s fraudulent scheme to throw out legally cast ballots in Georgia
Ossoff, locked in a heated runoff race with Perdue that could determine control of the Senate, expressed concern over the allegations and publicly pressured Georgia’s senior senator to clear the air on any involvement.

Take Action: Fire Georgia’s corrupt Senators!

Senate blocks Trump’s controversial nominee to the Federal Reserve Board
The Senate failed to advance the outgoing president’s controversial pick to the powerful central bank after Republicans Mitt Romney and Susan Collins joined the Democrats in blocking Judy Shelton’s appointment.

Rudy and Trump’s last-stand push to overturn election results in Pennsylvania gets frosty reception in court
The former New York mayor found himself grilled for hours by a skeptical federal judge over his unsupported claims of a conspiracy to steal the election and his suggestion to toss out the results entirely, disenfranchising 6.8 million Pennsylvania voters.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Plan a SAFE holiday season

Infection rates in the United States are growing at horrifying speeds; after hitting 10 million cases about a week ago, we reached 11 million just six days later. Our hospitalizations are at new record highs, and many are already full.

And this is happening before the major holiday season hits. The Thanksgiving holiday is coming up next weekend, immediately followed by the launch of the extended Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Years Eve season. We have seen significant increases in cases following every major holiday since the pandemic began – and one by-county tracker can tell you your current chances of gathering with an infected person (hover your mouse over your county for the exact percentage).

It’s time to have the difficult family and community discussions about adjusting your usual gatherings. When it comes to this virus, none of us are the exception to the rule.

Holidays over the internet. This is, by far, the only truly safe way to gather with your loved ones. Love them…by limiting their infection chances. Zoom is offering free, unlimited video conferencing for the entire day on Thanksgiving – so plan ahead to teach your less tech-savvy family members how to use it! Brainstorm now how to make your holidays a special day, whether it’s cooking the same dishes in separate locations, watching a movie together via Teleparty, or teaching your family Zoom games!

Holidays outside. If you’re considering an in-person gathering, it should be outside, limited to a very small number of people, maintaining six-feet social distancing and masks, and executing a vigilant plan for how you’re handling shared serving utensils and restrooms. Ask everyone to take a test in advance – but still act as if you haven’t. If these suggestions feel extreme or overly-cautious, remember that our current mediocre and lax health advice has been strong-armed by the virus-denying Trump Administration for nine months…and we’re at 11 million confirmed cases as a result.

Holiday shopping. Obviously, internet shopping has been around for a long time – major businesses like Amazon.com have banked thanks to the shutdowns. However, this pandemic has crippled local small businesses – and many are now relying on a strong holiday season to stay in existence. Many small businesses have adapted, creating safe curbside pickup options for phone and internet orders. Commit to a local/small-business holiday gift plan this year, and make the extra effort to take advantage of their safe shopping procedures.

The pandemic doesn’t need to cancel your holidays. Instead, it’s an opportunity to explore a new way to celebrate your family traditions, while doing your part to save the lives of those you love and those you’ll never meet.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Mitch McConnell stop blocking the pandemic relief bill that the American people desperately need, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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