Jim Carrey responds to Mueller with brutal drawing

Demand Attorney General Barr resign after betraying the public trust to protect Trump


Today’s Action: Tell Infiniti USA to pull advertisements from Fox News host Tucker Carlson

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Jim Carrey responds to Mueller’s press conference with a brutally frank new drawing

The iconic actor and comedian sent his message directly to the special counsel in an effort to save the world.

Take Action: Mueller MUST testify publicly before Congress!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mueller delivers devastating blow to Trump in surprise speech

Robert Mueller himself delivers a DEVASTATING blow to Trump in a surprise press conference. Things just got BAD for Trump…

Trump makes a stunning Twitter announcement about Roy Moore
The president’s sudden tweets sent the alleged pedophile’s name surging back into the headlines.

Take Action: Add your name to reject Roy Moore’s attempt at a “comeback” — No child abusers in the Senate!

Wind turbines do not cause cancer. But pollution from the fossil fuel industry does.

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The pro-impeachment Republican Rep. responds to Mueller’s controversial press conference with the perfect tweet
Justin Amash heard the Special Counsel’s historic comments and sprang into action.

Take Action: Tell the House to launch an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump!

Trump lapdog Lindsey Graham gets a serious 2020 Democratic challenger

The South Carolina Senator has been agonizing over his 2020 Republican primary — but now he’s really got something to worry about.

FOX’s Bret Baier blindsides Trump and his fans with surprising reaction to Mueller presser
The viewers of the notorious right-wing propaganda channel are in for an unpleasant surprise…

The Attorney General of Louisiana sets off a firestorm with jaw-dropping defense of Trump
Attorney General Jeff Landry left onlookers wondering how he ever passed the bar exam.

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The US Navy goes to absurd lengths keep Trump from getting grumpy about John McCain duringJapan trip
Terrified that Trump would blow a lid upon arrival, the White House took extraordinary measures.

Today’s Action: Tell Infiniti USA to pull advertisements from Fox News host Tucker Carlson

We doubt we need to explain the reputation of Fox News to you. But just in case: it’s a cesspool of racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ, isolationist, climate-change-denying hosts, each competing for the crown of Best Bigot.

And Tucker Carlson is a frequent recipient of that unfortunate crown, notorious for his antagonistic attitude towards women and immigrants.

Tucker Carlson isn’t stupid – he does it because it attracts audiences, which in turn attracts advertisers, who pay him money. But here’s where capitalism becomes our tool: advertisers don’t like controversy highlighted on their own brands. Which means we don’t go after hate-mongering hosts; rather, we demand their advertisers use their money elsewhere…

…including the car company, Infiniti USA, which advertised on Tucker Carlson’s show last week.

Contact the car company Infiniti USA via Twitter or Facebook and tell them you do not agree with their choice to fund Tucker Carlson’s anti-immigrant, extreme-sexist views on Fox News.

This isn’t the first time Tucker Carlson experienced an exodus of advertisers. Earlier this year, he called women “extremely primitive” and compared them to dogs, and defended child-rapist Warren Jeffs. More than 30 advertisers bolted and rightfully so.

But not Infiniti.

Tucker Carlson has said immigrants make our country “poorer and dirtier” and blamed women’s participation in the workforce for the higher incarceration rates of men. Oh…and he also said it’s “honorable and necessary” for women to give birth to their rapist’s children.

So why is Infiniti USA still advertising with them? Great question – ask them yourself.

Demand Infiniti USA permanently discontinue their advertising on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Contact them via Twitter or Facebook and tell them you won’t buy a car from a company that supports xenophobes, bigots, and misogynists.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Attorney General Barr resign after betraying the public trust to protect Trump, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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