Judge issues humiliating smackdown of Trump in court


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Judge dismisses Trump last ditch effort to steal Pennsylvania in brutal rebuke of scheme to “disenfranchise almost seven million voters”
Scathing opinion is likely the final blow to president’s effort to overturn election defeat

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Judge issues humiliating smackdown of Trump lawyers in court

The president’s attempt at a legal coup has imploded once and for all.

Take Action: Add your name to tell judges to throw out Trump’s frivolous election lawsuits

Trump’s scheme to steal the election from Biden goes up in flames

New from Democratica: Listen as OD Action founder, Stuart Max and AJ Johnson break down Trump’s election break down.

House leaders say Trump froze World Health Organization cash with same tactic used to “illegally” halt Ukraine aid
“The Trump Administration’s rampant abuse of power has jeopardized our communities, subverted our democracy, violated our laws, and now it has undermined global efforts to fight the virus,” Chairs Yarmuth, Lowey and Maloney said in a joint statement.

Don Jr. melts down after getting busted reading all the news stories about him testing positive
It appears the president’s son is not handling his isolation well.

Trump skips G20 pandemic meeting to play golf
World leaders were left without the most powerful person in the world (for the moment) who has created the greatest crisis.

Georgia Republican Senator Loeffler self-isolating after testing positive for virus mid-run-off
The test comes on the heels of a joint appearance with outgoing VP Pence.

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Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey FINALLY acknowledges Trump has exhausted all plausible legal options
The blue state Republican is one of only a few no longer abetting Trump’s scheme to subvert democracy.

Michigan group sues Trump campaign for mass disenfranchisement of Black voters
The plaintiffs say the campaign’s legal challenges to the election violated their voting rights.

Trump issues gruff, emotionless response to his son’s diagnosis
Don Jr. was probably hoping for something a little warmer from the father he worships, but he didn’t get it.


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