Judge rules MAGA lawyers liable for ‘abuse’ over big lie

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Unemployment claims at 50-year low, Gross Domestic Income hits stunning 7.6% growth, wages on the rise — Biden leading one of the strongest economic recoveries in US history

Top Stories for November 25:

Lawyers who baselessly challenged 2020 election ordered to pay $187,000 for “abuse of the legal system”

“This lawsuit has been an abuse of the legal system and an interference with the machinery of government,” Judge N. Reid Neureiter said.

Take Action: Remove the right wing judge who deliberately botched Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial!

Three men who lynched Ahmaud Arbery guilty of felony murder
The 25-year-old Arbery’s crime was jogging while Black.

Kevin McCarthy HUMILIATES himself with ultimate fail

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: What an embarrassment.

Conservatives caught spreading lies about Pelosi purchasing a Florida mansion
Republicans eagerly jumped on the story as proof the Speaker doesn’t actually believe in climate change. As expected, it was fake news.

Take Action: Tell the Senate not to cut the Build Back Better Act provisions that end cruelty against undocumented immigrants!

Michael Jackson jacket helps Feds identify Jan. 6th rioter
They’ll be bringing a case against the not-so-smooth criminal. Doubtful he’ll be able to beat it. He’s bad.

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces bill to present Kyle Rittenhouse with the Congressional Gold Medal

The QAnon Congresswoman claimed the Kenosha Killer was “protecting” the community when he slaughtered two people and injured a third.

Woman, shrieking “Let’s go Brandon” wheeled off Las Vegas jet bridge, arrested over mask disturbance
She had previously attempted to punch another passenger at security for pointing out her refusal to wear a mask.

Take Action: Demand the Senate confirm President Biden’s FCC nominees who will restore Net Neutrality!

They belong in prison, says Retired Major Richard Ojeda in fiery video to treasonous Republicans in Congress

No Dem Left Behind: Richard Ojeda and NDLB have a plan to stop “the seditious 7.

Proud Boys leader denied early release from Washington DC jail
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Rachel Maddow baits Proud Boys and Oath Keepers by telling them they sound like gay organizations
It’s not an insult, but those bigots will certainly take it as one.

Attorney General Merrick Garland orders US Attorneys to get tough on violent airplane passengers
Prosecutors will now prioritize prosecution of federal crimes that happen on commercial flights as federal officials face a historic number of investigations into passenger behavior.

Michigan teacher quits in protest after being order to remove his Pride flag from classroom
A middle school teacher in Southwest Michigan resigned from his job this week after he says school administrators told him to take down a Pride flag in his classroom.


Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Give thanks, while acknowledging the history of Thanksgiving!

This is certainly a different Thanksgiving than last year! Many of us are returning to in-person time with loved ones after a difficult year away. We should all be thankful for the first responders and scientists who have gotten us to this much safer place in record time, along with a desperately needed change in national leadership and the people who fought tirelessly and selflessly to make that a reality.

And here at OD Action, we could not be more thankful for you — our community. We’re in constant awe and appreciation for the actions that you take on a monthly, weekly, daily basis to fight for justice and equality, and we’re honored to be at your side on this journey to a better future.

For those community members who are not of Native heritage, we have an important action for you to take today (beyond staying safe): before you begin your meal, take a moment to acknowledge the unceded Native tribal land you reside on.

Thanksgiving is a painful time for many Native communities, as it propagates the historical erasure of a continent of indigenous peoples and cultures at the violent hands of European settlers and governments. This is a holiday that normalizes genocide and ethnic cleansing, in a country that oppresses and silences Native communities and occupies indigenous territory to this day. After all of the cultural and political realizations of the past year, we must acknowledge it as a present day issue: we are in a state of active colonization.

So make a moment – whether you’re with family or on your own – to investigate and acknowledge whose land you’re living on before you launch into celebrations. We must battle Native erasure with facts and education. Land acknowledgement is the first step of many toward reconciling our participation in occupying stolen lands, and strengthening and empowering your local Native communities today and going forward.

Search the Whose Land map to learn about to whom the land you live on belongs, and include land acknowledgement in today’s activities. Many tribes have websites with both historical and current-day information to begin your journey in self-education.

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