Demand the United States guarantee healthcare as a right!

The COVID-19 public health crisis has highlighted the deep flaws in our for-profit health care system.

In the midst of this crisis, moderate Democrats, independents, and even some Republicans have come together in an extraordinary way – recognizing that healthcare is a human right and the government should guarantee it to everyone.

Recent polling has shown how drastic this shift has been. Our current public health crisis has made the need for Medicare for All crystal clear.

Even though we cannot pass Medicare for All in the immediate future, we can guarantee that every person in this country, regardless of income, has the health care they need to get through this crisis. 

We are fighting for Medicare for All in the long-term, but right now we must fight for guaranteed, universal health care for all people during this pandemic.

Sign on to make your voice heard and demand that our country guarantees health care as a human right to every single person affected in our country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Justice Democrats is committed to electing diverse, working-class candidates who will fight for progressive values and policies. We’re working every day to help elect candidates who will fight for solutions as big and bold as the many crises we face today.

Our current for-profit health care system exists to benefit corporations and deliver profit to corporate CEOs. Health care is a human right, and it’s past time that we guarantee health care to everyone in the United States. 

Sign on to demand that the United States guarantees health care services to everyone in the United States affected by Coronavirus during this pandemic. 


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