Kagan SLAMS Court GOP for move that will kill people

Tell President Biden to FIRE Louis DeJoy, the stooge Trump appointed to kill the post office!


Top Stories for February 7:

Kagan slams Supreme Court’s latest pandemic decision that will kill people

“To state the obvious, judges do not know what scientists and public health experts do,” Kagan explained. “So it is alarming that the Court second-guesses the judgments of expert officials, and displaces their conclusions with its own. In the worst public health crisis in a century, this foray into armchair epidemiology cannot end well.”

Take Action: Tell President Biden to commute all federal death sentences!

Wyoming GOP censures Liz Cheney for impeachment vote
The state’s Republicans have attacked their own in declaring officially that party is more important to them than country.

Gun-toting freshman Republican in BOMBSHELL legal trouble

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Things went south quickly for Lauren Boebert

Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for right wing extremist paramilitaries
We are going to see a lot of this coalition building with some pretty nasty actors, says one expert.

Take Action: Charge everyone involved with the MAGA coup, INCLUDING Trump!

Judge rules Trump hotel in Chicago violated environmental laws, paving the way for millions in potential fines for the disgraced ex-president
“No one is exempt from compliance with the laws that protect Illinois’ environment and most valuable natural resources, and we will continue to seek to hold the defendants accountable for violations of state environmental laws that jeopardized the quality of the Chicago River,” said Illinois’s Attorney General.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into market manipulation by hedgefunds!

Trump’s election fraud falsehoods have cost taxpayers $519 million – and counting
The disgraced ex-president’s onslaught of falsehoods about the election misled millions of Americans, undermined faith in the electoral system, sparked a deadly riot – and has now left taxpayers with a large, and growing, bill.

Trump’s allies fear the impeachment trial could be a PR nightmare
The ex-president’s boosters fear major reputational damage if next week’s hearings focus on the violence of Jan. 6 and not narrow questions about the Constitution.

“We’ve learned to love the guy”: How Biden won over the left
It’s early, but progressives say they’re being included, heard and respected by the Biden White House. But rocky roads are still ahead.

FOX News ends up with egg on its face after tut-tutting Biden’s trip to his doctor in Delaware
The Trump propaganda network’s efforts to smear Biden quickly fell apart in embarrassing fashion.

That’s progress…


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