Kayleigh tries to deny Trump quotes that are ON TAPE

Impeach Trump for letting Americans die when he knew the real dangers of the pandemic


Top Stories for September 10:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kayleigh McEnany claims Trump never downplayed the virus, reporter says it’s on tape

Trump cost tens of thousands of American lives and his spokesperson is frantically scrambling to cover up his guilt.

Take Action: Demand the White House stop gaslighting America for its failed response — The buck stops with Trump!

Whistleblower says top DHS officials distorted intel to match Trump statements, lied to Congress
Brian Murphy says top DHS officials wanted intelligence to “match up” with Trump’s statements about “ANTIFA and ‘anarchist’ groups.”

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohenhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/trump-encourages-his-fans-to-commit-voter-fraud-because/id1515399733?i=1000490274062″>
He finally went a step too far.

Trump claims it would be an “insult to the country” if Kamala Harris became president
The president made it clear that the idea of a woman of color as President was utterly repulsive to him.

Take Action: Make sure your voter registration is accurate and that you have all information you need to vote in the coming election.

Microsoft alerts Biden that Russian hackers are targeting campaign
Trump’s allies are up to their old tricks. This time, they got caught.

Texas ordered to immediately fix flaws in method used to reject some mail-in ballots
When local election officials throw out a mail-in ballot because they think a signature is suspect, the voter must have a meaningful chance to contest the decision, a federal judge ruled.

Trump brags about his Nobel Prize nomination and gets reminded that Hitler had one too
The president tried desperately to take a victory lap but immediately hit a wall.

Election year is here!

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GOP Senate staffer tells cancer survivor not affording healthcare is like not affording a new shirt
North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis’s aide made it clear that Republicans look upon their constituents with nothing but cruel contempt.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s scheme to end Obamacare — and health coverage for 23 million Americans — during a pandemic!

Woodward book: Trump said he feels no responsibility to understand anger of Black Americans
When asked if he had a responsibility to understand the “anger and pain” felt by Black Americans, Trump said, “No, I don’t feel that at all,” according to Bob Woodward.

Woodward book: Former intel chief Dan Coats believed “Putin had something on Trump”
The Trump appointee saw “no other explanation” for the president’s behavior,



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: We need REAL election support, not scraps

Mitch McConnell has announced the GOP solution: a $500 billion pandemic stimulus package, a far cry from the Democrats’ proposal of $3.4 trillion (and even their offer to negotiate down to $2.2 trillion). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it best, that this package “insults the intelligence of the American people.”

It doesn’t come close to covering what our country needs right now, including funding election safety. McConnell’s primary goal is to push out a second stimulus check, a hand wave gesture to boost Republicans in tight reelection races, and he may not even get the votes from his extreme-right party members who literally want to do nothing to help their constituents.

The vote could come today! Call or email your Senators and demand a comprehensive pandemic relief plan like the HEROES Act, including funding for election safety – not Republican scraps in their “skinny” bill. 

The Republican bill is missing:

  • a second round of stimulus checks for struggling families
  • the full renewal of unemployment insurance (it caps at $300/week instead of the former $600/week)
  • funding for struggling states
  • adequate vote-by-mail or in-person election safety funding
  • additional USPS funding

And it includes:

  • strict liability protections for businesses and healthcare providers whose employees become infected on the job – leaving them open to mistreating employees and risking their lives
  • school funding that’s tied to schools reopening for in-person instruction – with little support for schools trying to keep families safe with at-home instruction

Add it all up? A pathetic excuse of legislation and one that isn’t fit to be respected with a vote. We need the HEROES Act.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators TODAY and tell them the GOP “skinny” bill isn’t nearly sufficient to cover the basic needs of this nation. We need comprehensive support – we need the HEROES Act.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to impeach Trump for letting Americans die when he knew the real dangers of the pandemic, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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